Still at it

Juneathoning that is.

On Saturday I am amazed to have got any running done at all. I have Edward to thank for getting out there: he was super encouraging after a long day, and at the point where I was ready to sit down and not run at all. We were up at 5am with a very lively toddler, not a great start, then had to catch a train to Leamington Spa for a family get together. So, we got there, walked to Edward’s brother’s place, went on what was billed as a two mile walk by Edward’s Dad and his dodgy map-reading, sauntered along the canal to a pub where we had a big lunch, then walked back and got on the train home. It was an 11km walk in total. One day Greg might get the hang of his GPS.

By the time we got home Hector had fallen asleep on the Tube and we were both well and truly knackered. But, in true Juneathon style, I pulled on my kit and out I went. Short but sweet (and quite fast!). I was stopped in my tracks at one point when I heard the most amazing bird-song and, on the railing ahead of me, stood a song thrush at full blast. I stood still for a moment and took it in before the bird caught sight of me and headed up to the tree tops.

Juneathon Day 20




Time: 20 minutes 15 seconds

Distance: 2.23 miles

Average Pace: 9.04

Best Pace: 6.15

Calories: 250

Yesterday was an active day all round. After a big Father’s Day breakfast we got on our bikes and headed over to the swimming pool in Crouch End. Hector was really going for it, showing Edward all his new tricks and, while they played, I did 20 lengths. We then went with some friends up to the farmer’s market in Alexandra Palace and ate more delicious food. To counteract this we got back on our bikes and headed up some seriously steep hills to Highgate Woods so Hector could burn off some energy in the lovely playground. After enjoying the woods a bit more we rode along the Parkland Walk back home. I then went for a run after eating a massive roast dinner. Talk about heavy-legged!

Juneathon Day 21

Bike Ride

Approximately 10 miles


20 lengths


Time: 19 minutes 9 seconds

Distance: 2.25 miles

Average Pace: 8.31

Best Pace: 7.26

Calories: 204

Press-ups: 20

Sit-ups: 70


2 thoughts on “Still at it

  1. Highway kind says:

    I am very impressed by running after such a long day. You could easily have counted just the 11k walk.

    It sounds like you had the perfect father’s day that covered all the important life groups of eating, exercise and family.

  2. fitartist says:

    But I’ve got it into my head that I have to run every day for Juneathon, driving myself a bit nuts with it! Yes, Father’s Day was lovely, really full and delightful.

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