Celebrate good times, come on!

I’m wondering how I will fit it all in over the next few days. On Monday Hector will be two, so this is a weekend of celebration and fun. We will be having a little party in our garden on Saturday and spending Sunday catching up with the lovely Ben and Jackie and, of course, on Monday we will be giving Hector his bike and having a little family day together. All lots of fun, but not much time to Juneathon. And so close to the end too! I was all fired up at the beginning, but my energy is lacking somewhat now. I am managing to run every day (what a streak, the longest I have ever done!) but I feel the quality of my runs is being sacrificed in my attempt to just fit them in – I seem to be doing shorter and shorter runs when I should be doing longer runs to train for my half-marathon in August. Jogblog was talking about how she feels like giving up today, which would be very, very sad because her blogs are so entertaining, but I can see why she’s feeling a bit low/unfocused about it all.

Yesterday I did another of those errand runs, just to the post office, they must be fed up of me sweating all over their counter. I had planned to do some more running in the afternoon, to take H to gymnastics, but we never made it due to his lunch taking forever…so,  I didn’t even hit the two mile point.

Juneathon Day 24


Time: 15 minutes 42 seconds

Distance: 1.35 miles

Average Pace: 11.37

Best Pace: 8.23 miles

Calories: 108

Today I did flirt with the idea of running to Hector’s swimming lesson, but I know from having done this before that the timing is all wrong and he ends up falling asleep as we reach the pool, so thought better of it. Instead we headed out this afternoon to go and buy some sausages for dinner from Baldwin’s on Green Lanes. Fantastic butcher. We ate our dinner in the garden this evening and, as Hector said: ‘Eating outside. Hear the birds sing!’

Juneathon Day 25


Time: 25 minutes 14 seconds

Distance: 2.29 miles

Average Pace: 11.02

Best Pace: 8.21 miles

Calories: 271


2 thoughts on “Celebrate good times, come on!

  1. Highway kind says:

    Sometimes you just have to rest or do something different to let the legs recover.

    But you have done fantastically to keep the streak going. Only a few more days!

    Hector two already!

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