Over and out

I ran every day for thirty days!

I had hoped to get my final Juneathon run done nice and early but it was so, so hot I didn’t think it was fair to expose Hector (and my delicate celtic skin) to that sort of blazing sun, so ended up running in the evening again. It was quite lovely actually, a nice cool breeze to fend off the mugginess. I was determined to hit the three mile mark on this one to dash this two and a bit thing I’ve been doing for the past week or so.

Juneathon Day 30


Time: 28 minutes 26 seconds

Distance: 3 miles

Average Pace: 9.29

Best Pace: 7.05

Calories: 310

I thought I should give the sit-ups/press-ups a go so did as much as I could in one go.

Sit-ups: 100

Press-ups: 30

Totals for Juneathon 2009

Runs: 30

Distance run: 87.23 miles

Bike: approx. 26.44 miles

Swim: 40 lengths

Walk: 11km (although I walk a lot every day with Hector, but just haven’t counted this officially)

Sit-ups: 1536

Press-ups: 449

So, what next? I don’t think I am a running streaker, I like to mix it up and follow a schedule with a bit of variety: some long, some short and this running every day thing has made me do a lot of shorter ‘just get it done’ sort of runs. I am running a half-marathon towards the end of August, so I need to work towards that. I will, however, be keeping up the sit-ups and press-ups with an attempt at 100 press-ups by the end of July. A-ha-ha-ha-ha, we’ll see!

Well done to all the other Juneathoners, it’s been fun reading about the various challenges and seeing how people have overcome life’s obstacles to get it all done.


9 thoughts on “Over and out

  1. The Red Bucket says:

    I’m new to your blog and stumbled across it via Highway Kind and Irunbecauseilove food. Good stuff on Juneathon. I’ll be adding it to my bookmarks in the morning. Have you got an RSS feed on here anywhere?

    The Red Bucket

  2. Running from 30 says:

    I agree, you get my vote for Juneathon winner – not only did you go every day, but you did it under the original rules of running every day instead of the looser rules (do something) I used!

  3. eatingtrees says:

    Well done on the 30 consecutive days of running – especially the bits with the running buggy in the heat!!! And, spookily, we seem to have chosen the same title for our final Juneathon blogs… how odd!!

  4. fitartist says:

    Gosh, I pop out to the park for a walk (yes, walk) and it goes all crazy on here! Thank you all for your lovely words!

    Red Bucket – Welcome. I’ve been following you through Juneathon. I should update my links too when I get a chance, found lots of new people this month. I’ll look into the RSS thing.

    Juno – Brave? Nah, just determined.

    HK – Thanks πŸ™‚ I just felt I should make up for last year, when I didn’t manage it. But will the streak continue I wonder?

    30 – I kind of do something every day anyway, so needed to make it something that would really challenge me, make it hard for myself. Getting out of the house was the hard bit!

    Eating – I’ll have to have a look at your post, isn’t that funny? I did that once with Highway Kind ‘Going slow’ I think it was…

    Emma – ta!

    You lot have all inspired me this month, better read your blogs now and see how you’ve all rounded it off x

  5. travellinghopefully says:

    Brilliant effort! I’m in awe for you being motivated and energised to go out running every day. Good luck with the half marathon training.

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