Up with the lark

Or rather the collared dove, didn’t see any larks in the park this morning. My last post was entitled ‘Over and Out’ and it was for a while, after my fabulous running streak of thirty days for Juneathon, I had a truly rubbish non-running streak of eight days. Whilst taking part in Juneathon I forgot that it was some sort of competition, and just enjoyed the motivation it gave me and the support from other running bloggers. If you want to find out who did win, check Jog Blog’s announcement here.

I got a mention for being a bit ‘hardcore’.

I can’t exactly call myself hardcore after the slacking I’ve done in the past week! For the first couple of days, I just felt like a break, I was stale, but I felt sooooo guilty not running. Then the weather has been totally poo over the past few days and it was pretty impossible to know when to head out without soaking Hector in his running buggy: scorching hot one minute, storms the next. So, this morning I decided to just get out before breakfast and then it’s done, no guilt trips for the rest of the day and no sloping around feeling like a failure.

I just did a quick one around two of the local parks and was intrigued to find they were putting up some sort of stage in one of the parks (using a fork-lift digger, must pop back later to check that out). It looks like they are setting up for a concert…I was out early – still a six at the beginning – and was mostly accompanied by dog-walkers and the odd cycle commute type. A welcome relief from all the yoof activity I have been encountering on my June evening runs.

Time: 22 minutes 54 seconds

Distance: 2.36 miles

Average Pace: 9.43

Best Pace: 7.45

Calories: 247


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