Damn weather

Yeah, yeah, I know, the weather shouldn’t stop me getting out and running, but it does. In the past week or so it’s been so unpredictable: one minute it’s blazingly hot, the next it’s pissing it down. Not something that would stop me running, but not great weather to subject the little fella to in his running buggy (without cover). I’m getting really annoyed with myself for not getting out, and realising just how important it is to my sanity to get out and run. The swimming teacher said this morning that it’s going to be 25 degrees this afternoon, so maybe…

I have been spending a lot of time chasing Hector around on his new bike – he’s getting so fast now, I can picture him cycling alongside me as I run in no time at all…what a delightful thought! I am also doing a lot of walking – as usual – and testing out my new walking shoes. I will be giving these a real test when I wear them for my big project in Finland in September. The kind people at Fitness Footwear sent them to me, and I will be writing a review when I’ve clocked up a few more miles in them.

In the meantime, I will go back to my other current obsession, the fourth plinth. Check out the webcam!


2 thoughts on “Damn weather

  1. juno says:

    wow, looks like he’s looking for pedals already! i want those shoes, really want to take up running mostly for my health. good luck with the weather thing x

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