…of blackberries. Following my run this morning we have changed our plans for this afternoon: we will be heading down to the marshes on our bikes with empty tubs and will fill them with juicy blackberries…if we manage to put them in the tub before Hector gets to them! Pie for tea then.

I almost didn’t make it out this morning, lots of umming and ahhing, lots of faffing about, but eventually I made the decision to go, pulled on my kit then headed out of the door. Initial challenge of the runner over. The weather is still playing tricks with me and I wished I’d put on my sunglasses, even though it had been drizzling and looked like it would pour as I stepped out of the house. I decided to run around the marshes and more or less had them to myself apart from the nice man I chatted with as he collected a big tub of blackberries whilst walking his dogs. His haul are destined for the wine bottle. There were a few cyclists about and some children having a kayaaking lesson near the lock. It was here that I also noticed the name of one of the house boats: ‘Essex Buoy’.

A few more people appeared as I progressed towards the rowing club, some rowing boats easing themselves through the gunk and junk – it seems to have come back since the major dredging a while back. One of the boats was blocking my path as I neared the rowing club so I decided to pause and stretch before turning towards home. Here is where the weather pulled tongues at me and said ‘you think you can just go outside in a t-shirt and leggings?!’ and I was promptly treated to a very heavy shower and whirl of wind gusting around my face. Nice. I saw Edward rushing out of the swimming pool with Hector in his arms, and quickly ducking under the eaves in an attempt to stay dry. I wasn’t stopping though!

Time: 1 hour 19 minutes 25 seconds

Distance: 8.01 miles

Average Pace: 9.55

Best Pace: 7.00

Calories: 878

I ran yesterday as well, just a park run, but it felt good. I made sure I did few up-hill runs and running into the wind also gave me an extra challenge.

Time: 37 minutes 59 seconds

Distance: 4.04 miles

Average Pace: 9.24

Best Pace: 7.03

Calories: 422


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