The blackberry run

The sun is out, quick, get out of the house before it disappears and the skies open up to the rain again! So we did. Hector and I were out before nine o’clock to plod along the canal looking out for water diggers (no hope really, but Hector still keeps an eager eye out) and blackberries. We turn off into the marshes area and quickly pull over to drop some purple treasure into the empty tub. I have to interrupt my picking to converse with a lady whose little dog won’t go past the running buggy for some reason, it just stands at a distance and yaps away, ‘What’s he saying?’ Hector asks! We run on a bit further, past the allotments, with Hector calling out ‘Where are you blackberries?!’ It’s not long before the tub is full and the little chap has a purple mouth, so off we go towards the rowing club.

We soon bump into one of Hector’s friend with his Dad, taking a stroll to the playground. We carry on running and agree to meet them there in a bit. I do think I’m lucky being able to run along the canal and the lovely marshes on a weekday morning, pausing to pick blackberries and chat to friends…It was a much more enjoyable playground visit with a friend for Hector to play with, but it was cut short by my panic as the clouds loomed over and a little drop of rain announced the advancing of a shower. Back home we headed, pausing momentarily to watch the grimy rubbish diggers: monster machines that sort through the rubble and household mess that people put in skips. Not the most pleasant place to hang out, but I found myself saying ‘wow!’ as one of them crawled its caterpillar wheels over the detritus.

Time: 45 minutes 8 seconds

Distance: 4.44 miles

Average Pace: 10.10

Best Pace: 7.47

Calories: 534


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