Bread and jam

We went blackberrying again yesterday morning. Well, I threw some blackberries in a tub whilst keeping one eye firmly on a lively little chap whizzing around on his bike! As Hector slept I made some jam and then, in the afternoon we made bread together.

jam knead


Bread making with a toddler is just wonderful. Of course he wants to put his hands in everything and swish them around and making bread is all about that. He was also taken by the whole proving thing…and the knocking back.

We also ran.

Time: 27 minutes 2 seconds

Distance: 2.48 miles

Average Pace: 10.54

Best Pace: 8.42

Calories: 264

I was given some music to run to by AudioFuel the other week, but have only just located all the bits and bobs to put it onto Edward’s MP3 player. I will try and run with it in the next few days and see if it does anything for my pace. I have remembered that I am running a half-marathon next Sunday and certainly haven’t been doing anything like half-marathon training. Eek! I guess I will just do what I can between now and then and take it slowly on the day (not what I had in mind when I entered!).


4 thoughts on “Bread and jam

  1. jogblog says:

    Is that the half in Hackney? Say hello to the marshes for me. Are the cows there yet? I need Hector to come and do dough stuff here, I hate getting my hands dirty.

  2. fitartist says:

    Yeah, Hackney. Not been down that end for a bit so not sure about the cows, I guess they must be there by now.

    Well, Hector could help, but it wouldn’t just be his hands getting dirty. You wouldn’t thank me!

  3. warriorwoman says:

    I’ve just searched runny jam making as my marrow jam is underperforming, and your blog came out at the top of the google ranks.
    Hope that half marathon went well for you.

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