Sibling rivalry

Or not.

We were off up to stay with my brother at the weekend and, as he has recently taken up running and lives in a beautiful rural area right next to the River Trent, I thought I would pack my running gear and we could go out for a little run together, celebrate our shared interest. I emailed him and suggested this and he declined. I suppose, to a relatively new runner, someone who has run a couple of marathons might seem intimidating, but I had no intention of running more than a few miles and at a pace to suit both of us, so I was a bit disappointed. Anyway, I still took my gear and hoped he might come round.

Considering he lives in the country, his running shoes are very clean.

I did run, but on my own. He wouldn’t have been impressed with my gasping, lolloping plod – I’ve got a bit of a chesty cough at the moment and kept having to pause and hack a bit. Scared the fishermen I think. As I set off my Garmin said it had low battery power, so I decided it would all be just for fun and without stats; let’s just enjoy the view. And what a view! The river is wide and deep and surrounded by lush countryside and I enjoyed the challenge of the different surfaces, leaping happily over sods of earth and crunching along the path that circumvents the nature reserve. I was about to turn and head back when I saw another runner so I followed him, intrigued to see where he was heading along the road (I don’t get that, when there is a great path alongside the river…). Ahead of us I saw the level crossing barrier come down and the red lights started flashing. I picked up my pace to get to the edge of the track, waited patiently while the other runner tried to get his iPod working, then leapt back with a delighted gasp as the Edinburgh to London train careered past at top speed. Whoosh! That got my heart rate up! I imagine the other runner thought I was mad turing round as the barrier lifted back up; I’d only stopped to enjoy the train.

So, I ran back the way I had come and smiled as the sun sparkled on the water and fishermen called out to each other  (not sure what that meant). It’s a shame Stephen didn’t join me, it could have been fun.

– no stats –


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