Still at it, sort of

Rubbish. My Octoberthon that is. I have run this week, but gingerly, fearing the dreaded shin splints. Arrrghghghg! I’ve also done something weird to my neck/head. Sometimes I wake up, having slept in a funny position and can only look to one side, but normally it clears up as the day progresses. Well, this happened to me on Monday and has got worse as the week has gone on. I can’t look right or left or upwards, yes, I am a danger to myself and everyone else, especially when I try to cross the road. Now things are taking a turn for the worse as I fend off a killer sore throat and ‘the sniffles’. There’s lots of it about.

I am off to Venice this week for the Bienalle, so my running will be interrupted anyway, but I should take this opportunity to think about what I really want to do with my running. I caught sight of myself in the mirror last night as I put on my pyjamas and thought ‘Oh shit, how did that happen?!’ something needs to be done, and sharpish!

On a positive note, the wonderful Parkruns have moved up north London way, with a new run starting in Finsbury Park on October 31st, so a weekly, timed 5k run…for free! What a great incentive to get 5k fit and beat that PB to the ground.


2 thoughts on “Still at it, sort of

  1. jogblog says:

    Aarrgghh, how jealous am I?!! I desperately wanted them to start the time trials nearer me (preferably over the marshes…). Bah.

    Hope your aches and pains clear up soon.

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