Marshy marsh

Phew, feeling much, much better and a good run makes me feel like a proper runner again.

I got on the case with some vitamin C and zinc tablets and snaffled some of Hector’s mega stash of satsumas and grapefruit when he wasn’t looking (he gets through so much fruit, it’s unbelievable. Good boy), it does feel like it’s heading for my chest though, so I’d better watch out. I decided to give the running thing another go this morning, but didn’t leave the house until I’d given my shin a jolly good rub with the old Neal’s Yard Salve and popped on my compression socks. Things felt good as I set off, my lower legs feeling like they were in a constant and loving embrace, ahh.

It’s a beautiful day here in London, so I headed over to the marshes to enjoy the ‘countryside’, and soon realised I might find myself in the middle of a race, as I spotted km markers and brightly coloured marshalls scattered at various intervals. I stopped and asked one of the  marshalls what the race was and she said it was the Enfield Running Club’s 10k, shame I hadn’t realised it was on, could have been fun. It was interesting to see the setting up side of it all, people rushing about and getting into place ready to direct the eager runners. I paused on the footbridge to watch this for a while and also look at some men who were climbing up a pylon, they seemed to be doing some fixing – I know from those 197os public information films that it’s highly dangerous to enter into such activity without permission.

I had felt a bit heavy-legged and sluggish during the first couple of miles, and wondered if I had it in me, but that magic thing happened at mile three, where I felt settled and energetic, warmed up. As I crossed the lock, one of the marshalls asked if I was in the race, looking surprised: ‘Yes’ I said ‘I’m really fast!’ Things were going well, but I didn’t want to push my legs too much, so decided to head home when I reached Tottenham Hale. I did have to do the up-and-down-our-road-for-a-bit thing to reach the six mile mark, but I did it.

Time: 58 minutes 38 seconds

Distance: 6 miles

Average Pace: 9.46

Best Pace: 7.10

Calories: 651


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