Some new goals

Back from our lovely trip to Venice where, as we were leaving, things were being put in place for the Venice Marathon which was being raced today. I imagine it’s a challenge to put on a marathon in any city, but in one that is largely water and tiny streets then it must be the biggest challenge of all. Ramps were being suspended over the steps to bridges and a temporary bridge was slowly arcing over the Grand Canal and, as we headed back to the airport, we saw lots of sporty-looking types gathering at what looked like the expo, an air of excitement all around…and some rather gorgeous snow-topped mountains in the background. Ahhhh.

During our little break we did lots and lots of walking, trying to avoid travelling on the vaporetti which seem so much more expensive than last time, in fact everything seemed more expensive, this strong Euro is a real pain in the wallet. I had lots of time to think about running, but didn’t actually do any (I would almost definitely have got lost) and I have come up with a short and long-term plan to shake things up a bit. With the fabulous new Parkrun taking place just up the road in Finsbury Park, I will have a regular 5k to test myself against, so I will aim to beat that much desired 5k PB of 25 minutes. I think a realistic time scale might be to achieve this by my birthday (December 30th). As a longer goal, I would like to do a Spring half-marathon and my aim is to do it in two hours, something I did in training for the London Marathon, but failed to do in my last ‘official’ half-marathon. Another goal is to shed this extra bit of weight that has crept onto my lower half – it made today’s run feel ever so sluggish.

This morning I got out for a run-around-in-circles-in-the-parks type run which, as I say, felt a tad tiring, but it felt great to be out again and tackling the head winds with gusto.

Time: 1 hour 1 minute

Distance: 6.44 miles

Average Pace: 9.37

Best Pace: 5.49

Calories: 679


3 thoughts on “Some new goals

  1. fitartist says:

    Are you feeling better? Yes, Parkruns are so exciting, can’t wait! Maybe you should look into starting one up around your way, get in touch with them, they are always looking for new venues…

  2. eirefairy says:

    They are some really good goals to have. I’m also planning spring races, they help us all get through the winter. Good luck.

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