Not an awful lot to report really, too sunken in a fog of illness to run, but I am emerging slowly to see the sunshine again. Poor Hector was so ill throughout Sunday night, waking every ten minutes or so to vomit, so Monday was spent dealing with much of the same and generally snuggling and cuddling whilst reading the same books over and over. Last night, I came down with the same lurgy. It’s hard being ill, but harder when you have to carry on as normal because you have a small child to care for. Thankfully, H slept quite well, so I only really had to deal with my own illness. This morning I feel a lot better, but very weak due to the fact that I haven’t kept anything down since yesterday’s breakfast 😦 Parsnip soup for lunch I think, and maybe a bit of ginger grated in to settle the tum.

I did get out for the second Finsbury Parkrun. It was such a beautiful day, far nicer that the previous week, but fewer people turned up. How odd! I decided to just cycle over on my own, and do the race then head back straight after, much less hassle than a family outing. Despite the glorious sunshine, it was cold so I put on my long sleeves for the first time this season, but felt really hot a few minutes into the race! Things went well, but I kept thinking about that bloody hill, I was determined not to stop this time, and didn’t. Instead I kept a steady pace throughout but somehow managed to finish in a slower time than last week, even without the pause on the hill! Someone was taking photos and I unfortunately got captured by the lens at a few points, not a pretty sight.

Time: 28 minutes 14 seconds

Distance: 3.12 miles

Average Pace: 9.02

Best Pace: 6.06

Calories: 323

I think I need to change my Garmin to KM and start doing some KMs at 5k race pace to really get a sense of what I need to do to hit 25 minutes. Even with the slower time, I was the 9th woman in, so it’s the sort of race where you can excel if you put in the work.



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