A course PB and a mojo return

Oh dear, I am finding it really hard to get on the computer and blog at the moment. Hector’s daytime nap is moving further and further back and, on some days, not even happening. I think this is the slippery slope towards NO daytime naps. Arrrrghghhg!!! Anyway, I now feel 100% better after our horrid sickness bug the other week, the nausea really did linger on, not really encouraging me to jig up and down in the wind and the rain. Hmmmm, wind and rain, I’ve had enough of it, horrible stuff, so I’ve been much happier in the past couple of days when we’ve had two lovely crisp, fresh wintery days.

You may have noticed the words ‘course PB’ in the post title, and you would be right in thinking I have moved a little step closer to my goal of a 25 minute 5k. Just a little step mind. Last week I didn’t make it over to Finsbury Park for the weekly Parkrun, partly due to my nausea but mainly due to the visiting in-laws. On Saturday though, I was determined to get there so we all trundled over on our bikes and the boys played with a handy grabber thing they found in the playground whilst I pushed myself up hills.

It was so lovely to have my own little support team as I rounded the corner near the playground, with Hector shouting: ‘Go Mummy!’ I have recently made a change in the Garmin region and have started training in kms instead of miles – I figured it makes sense as I am currently training for 5 and 10 k races. It really does take a big shift in thinking to get your head round it, but I do think it helped in this race to keep looking towards a five-minute km. Anyway, it’s not incredible, but I’m getting there:

Time: 27 minutes 29 seconds

Distance: 3.25 miles

Average Pace: 8.27

It was nice getting an email from the Parkrun folks saying I’d got a course PB and was fifth female 🙂

On Monday morning Edward was late leaving the house due to a dental appointment, so he prompted me to go out and run. I took one look at the rain and said: ‘nah’. He wasn’t having any of it and I eventually pulled on my kit and headed out into the stinging rain shower. I have realised that I probably run faster in the rain, in an attempt to get home quicker.

Time: 30 minutes 59 seconds

Distance: 3.47 miles

Average Pace: 8.56

Now, Hector has got more energy than I could ever keep up with, and I am always looking for ways of challenging him physically, and we recently started going to Toddler Gymnastics. It’s amazing. They have various apparatus out for the children to climb on and crash mats for them to land on safely and – the best bit – a huge inflatable running track! As it blows up the children get whipped up into more and more of a frenzy until they are given the all-clear to jump on. I find myself smiling the whole time we are there as Hector is having such a wonderful time. He just runs up and down, with the odd pause to jump and fall on his bottom and the occasional somersault. We ran there yesterday. It was very windy.

Time: 35 minutes 45 seconds

Distance: 3.36 miles

Average Pace: 10.38

Today’s physical challenge was swimming, so we ran there too – the weather is just gorgeous. Again, it was super windy so the uphill trip was rather tough, pushing a running buggy!

Time: 57 minutes 58 seconds

Distance: 5.47 miles

Average Pace: 10.36

(you can see how my times slow down considerably when I’m pushing a heavy child in a running buggy into the wind).

If the stats look a bit different it’s because I used the ones I had put onto Fetch. Hector has worked out how to switch on my Garmin and mess stuff up, so I have to be quick. He puts it on, walks to the front door, pretends to unlock the door and says: ‘I’m putting on my Garmin and going for a run. Bye-bye’.



2 thoughts on “A course PB and a mojo return

    • fitartist says:

      It really should be a spectator sport, you can’t help but smile. Lots of tiny people running around, negotiating a path, bumping into each other, bouncing right back and doing the whole thing over again. Marvellous.

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