Snowy Parkrun

Oh dear, I’m not getting a chance to blog much at the moment, I’m writing this almost a week late! On Saturday Edward suggested I tackle the Finsbury Park Parkrun in the snow and he and Hector would go and buy a sledge πŸ™‚ I had to check online first to make sure the race was going ahead in the snow, and it was!

I headed into the bright, white park while the boys rushed off in search of a sledge. I had visions of being the only one there but a few (25) hardy souls turned out, all wrapped up in their sporty Christmas presents. We were warned that we would be unlikely to get a PB (!) and should look out for various icy spots around the course, and off we went. The paths were fine actually, with mostly soft snow in places, so not too slippy, but it was quite hard work. I soon found myself at the back of the pack. As we ran into the icy cold bit at the bottom of the park, I forged ahead and overtook someone who then seemed to drop out – oh no, still at the back! Running in the snow was just gorgeous, I had a smile on my face most of the way round and just enjoyed the experience. As I ran towards the big hill the second time, I spotted Edward with Hector standing on top of a giant snowball, but no sledge to be seen, it seems everywhere had sold out…H had a very sad little face 😦 The boys warmed themselves up by cheering me on, then Edward ran up the hill faster than me whilst holding a small boy. Tsk.

By this point I had overtaken someone else in my attempt to not be last, but she also seemed to have disappeared. Anyway, I kept my head down and passed the finish line in a personal worst time, in fact it’s about the same time as the very first 5k I did all those years ago! I don’t look too sad about it in these photos on the Parkrun website though (see the fifth photo in). After I finished we went to the cafe to thaw out, poor Hector, even though he was bundled up in multiple layers, had got himself quite cold and needed some hot milk and toast to re-ignite his energy button. I didn’t come last, by the way.

In addition to this little bit of running, I have been trying to get to the gym. Last Thursday I ran on the treadmill for the first time in about three years, and found it as dull as ever. I ventured into the gym, put my fob thingy in the computer thingy and it more or less said ‘U-uuuurrrrrr!’ at me, bit out of date I think. This meant I had to go through the whole process of filling out questionnaires and so on and give information about my weight etc (it’s not looking too good I’m afraid). I only wanted to have a quick run on the treadmill for goodness’ sake! When I did eventually make it onto the machine I found it really hard, maybe because it was tedious and possibly because it was torture staring at myself in the mirror, all jigging around. I did 3.66 km in 25 minutes.

After carefully exiting the tready I dared to wander into the weights area, an area I used to feel at home in, somewhere I would confidently lift weights, challenge myself and feel good in. I took one look at all the muscly men and cowered in the corner, reintroducing myself to the gym ball. ‘Hello gymball, it’s been a long time!’

On Friday I popped to Boxing Circuit again (I did this a few months ago, but have found it hard to get to, it’s at a funny time of day) and gritted my teeth and bashed the heck out of some pads. I felt sorry for the girl I partnered up with, poor thing had to sit down after a while, saying she felt sick. I gave her my water and told her to get some fresh air, she did come back in eventually but really struggled to get into it; it is pretty hard going. On Sunday I ignored the lactic acid that had taken residence in my thighs and jumped on a Spinning bike again. This class was more challenging than last week, with a different instructor who focussed more on those tough uphill climbs where your thighs feel like they will pop. I love it!


5 thoughts on “Snowy Parkrun

  1. Jason says:

    Great blog you have here. Very inspirational. I have a site as well which I hope will be a top resource for those looking for the motivation they need in order to lose weight. There are very little sites like ours out there.

    I’d like to exchange links with you. Please let me know if this is possible under the “Best Weight Loss Websites” page. Until then, keep up the good work.


  2. eirefairy says:

    The race really must have been tough but I’ve never once read about you giving up, well done so no surprises there. Since it’s still Jan. I still think I can say happy new year.

  3. warriorwoman says:

    I seem to have lost you from my rss feed reader so I didn’t know you were doing the parkruns now. I didn’t know they’d moved out to Finsbury Park either – they are taking over the world! Looked fun in the snow.

  4. fitartist says:

    WW – Yes, when I manage to get there, Saturday morning at nine isn’t always the best time for me! The Finsbury Park one is good, tough with two laps of a hilly course. You should venture up and try it sometime πŸ™‚

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