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I opened my WordPress page and it asked me to sign in with that little ‘Remember me’ box underneath. Maybe it should read: ‘Remember me?’, it’s been a while. I have run since my last post, but only a couple of times and one of those was on the treadmill, which I always feel counts less than the open road for some reason (possibly because I simply don’t go as far on that thing because I might just fall off from the boredom). I have been hitting the gym classes though, whizzing nowhere on a Spinning bike and getting bum-ache at circuits, but last week Igot yet another bloody cold which includes a killer sore throat and a nasty chesty cough. I’M FED UP OF HAVING A COUGH NOW!

I did make it to the Parkrun last week, but maybe I should have stayed at home where I was safe and warm because I found myself on my back with my bike in the air on my way there. It was that day when there was a little sprinkling of snow which looked nice and everything but was actually covering all the patches of black ice everywhere. Fortunately I was in the park when the flying-through-the-air-with-the-greatest-of-ease incident occurred and, of course, the only person I could see around happened to be walking right next to the icy path, so there was no way I could pretend it hadn’t just happened. I wasn’t hurt, but I did gather an impressive cluster of bruises on my leg when my bike fell against me as I locked it up – see, I should have stayed at home! I then went on to run very carefully and slowly, getting another unimpressive time for 5k. Oh, the running just isn’t happening at the moment, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, this time last year I would have been really clocking up the miles, but right now I don’t think I can even call myself a runner.

Something I am enjoying very much right now is knitting, yes you read it correctly, knitting! I am fed up of wearing the same old clothes so I thought I’d have a go at making things myself. My Mum is a super knitter and taught me when I was little, but I had to learn casting on and off from some lovely instructions online, and have been quizzing my brother about some of the finer details of knitting (he’s an expert too). I have a long, long way to go before I can make anything big and complicated, but I am finding it totally fascinating, satisfying and addictive. Here is my first attempt at anything, a little scarf to keep my sore throat warm:

I am now knitting a bigger one for Edward and Hector says he wants one too. I am going to move on to a simple hat and then branch out a bit into an I-Phone cover. I even dream about knitting.


4 thoughts on “Remember me

  1. Adele says:

    I forgot you are knitty too! It’s just marvellous isn’t it? Of course, you are way ahead of me in the skills department, but I’m having a good go. Currently trying an I-Phone cover for Edward, then I will move on to a hat. I’ll take some photos for Flickr when I get a minute.


  2. Breandán says:

    Just came across your blog through… very interesting – you’re a great storyteller! Hope you don’t mind if I drop in every once in a while, I just started a running blog of my own and it keeps me interested to read others…
    Best of luck with your 2010 running.

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