Dry run

Last night I ran to the gym in the rain to run in the dry.

I have been spending most of my training time in the gym lately, with one outside run last Sunday morning, which really felt like hard work. Something I have noticed about being in the company of others whilst exercising is how damn distracting they are. Now this can be a good thing, something to take your mind off it all, but it can also drive you almost crazy. I was charging along on the treadmill the other day with a chap next to me getting quite sweaty, working hard, going quite fast and all of a sudden he started hitting and clutching his left arm. ‘Oh shit!’ I thought ‘he’s having a heart attack’. I was all set to pause my Garmin when he started bashing his right arm too. I was still a bit concerned, but soon realised he was doing a sort of self-congratulatory bicep apreciation move. Last night I was next to crazy lady who had the treadmill set to steep hill and was marching upwards with her head held right back, as if she was looking at the sky. No, I have no idea either. Spinning offers up the most annoyances. On Sunday I was next to Rag Dolly Anna, flopping around from side to side, up and down with each turn of the pedal, while all the time the instructor was shouting: ‘Try and keep your upper bodies still!’. Poor fella, he is really good and teaches in a challenging and well structured way, but half of the muppets in there choose to ignore him and just do their own thing. As we ease towards the cool-down, people start dismounting mid-sprint and leaving the studio; one day one of them will end up flat on the floor when their heart rate plummets too quickly and they pass out.

Yes, this is the sort of thing I have going through my head as I try and exercise.

So, that’s a few treadmill runs of around 3.5 miles, numerous Spinning classes and some Swiss Ball balancinf acts near the grunting zone.


6 thoughts on “Dry run

  1. Highway kind says:

    Watching other people is part of the fun of going to the gym.

    The ones who leave me baffled are those who read magazines on the bikes. Peddling slowly on low resistance – what good does that do?

  2. eirefairy says:

    Ha, great post, I don’t go to the gym and some of this carry on mostly why. My time to excercise just seems to special to share with a big bunch of people. Keep going though-I like the gym reports.

  3. fitartist says:

    HK – I know, reading whilst cycling?! On some of the treadmills in our gym there are TV screens, on the actual treadmill! People tune in to Eastenders on their headphones and walk up a hill.

    EF – I agree about the sharing thing, I find I am very defensive towards the excellent Spinning instructor when all the slackers start leaving early.

  4. Ms V. says:

    It made me laugh that as he was having a hard attack, you were thinking of stopping your Garmin. LOL

    I’m featuring you on my blog today about Taper Madness.


  5. Nat says:

    Hi, love the blog!

    I noticed you like reviewing running-related items, and wondered if you were up for reviewing one of ours? It’s a Sports Armband for the iPhone, designed to keep the phone secure whilst out running and safe from moisture.

    Obviously I’d be happy to send you out a free sample for you to review; if you could just whack a link back to us in the write-up then that’d be great 🙂

    Drop me an email if you’re interested

    All the best

    Nat x

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