Runny mummy

It was a happy Mother’s Day, started a bit early for my liking (yes, we’re back to those dreaded pre-six o’clock starts again), but was made all the more sweeter by a fantastic card depicting Hector and me driving diggers, a big bunch of tulips and some delightful goodies from ‘I Knit, London’.

I love being Hector’s mummy.

On the running front, things have picked up a bit from the recent spate of once-a-week runs (!!), and now the sun is coming out again, we are able to do our daily wanders by running buggy, a far nicer way to get about than the bus (except, of course, if it’s a Routemaster like in the above photo). I did a race the other week, – jeez, it takes me a while to blog my runs at the moment – the Heathside 5 Miler in Finsbury Park. I know Finsbury Park well, so was fully aware that there would be hills, but four times up the same hill suddenly seemed a bit cheeky as I stood staring at it on the start line. It was a lovely morning, if a bit ‘fresh’, but I soon got warmed up and enjoyed every second, not something I normally say in a race report. I do think the Parkrun 5ks have helped me approach races with a more positive outlook, I seem to find it easier to focus on my own experience now rather than fretting about all the panting people around me. I didn’t hold out much hope for a PB, with it being hilly and with my woeful lack of training, but I somehow managed to finish in 47 minutes, only two minutes slower than  my five mile PB! Yay! I’m not sure why, but when I approach a hill, I suddenly feel a wave of determination wash over me and dig my heels in until the worst is over, I even found myself overtaking people on the hills! There was one poor woman who I ran with for the whole race, mostly just behind her (pros would call this ‘drafting’ but I just couldn’t catch her) then, on the last hill I left her for dust, I bet she really hated me at that moment. All in all, a good race and the t-shirt was great too – black with sparkly print and you got to choose your size, I shall wear this one for something other than decorating.

In addition to this little Sunday saunter, I have been doing quite a few buggy runs, over to Hornsey Rise, up to Finsbury Park and today we headed over to Markfield Park. These runs are a sort of interval training, with the ‘intervals’ being filled with play, digger-watching and pausing to ask Hector what he’s saying. It’s amazing what these runs do for my spirit though, I feel like this winter has gone on and on forever, as if someone has inserted an extra month without asking, so to see some sunlight is sheer bliss.

The knitting is going well too, here is my latest piece, a cosy to keep bananas protected in my bag:


4 thoughts on “Runny mummy

  1. eirefairy says:

    You seriously need to think up a name for you banana thing: banana shield?

    the red stripe is fab…other fruit clothing in the pipeline?, a whole couture line?

  2. fitartist says:

    EF – I have quite a production line going for iPod cosies for my lucky friends who have such technology. I am also making something different at the moment, but will post a picture when it’s done, not sure how it will work out.

  3. iliketocount says:

    I’m glad you added the banana to the knitting photo – old Red Hot Chilli Pepper fans might otherwise have got the wrong idea entirely!

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