Everybody loves the sunshine

Well, I do anyway. This weather is a real joy and I am, at last, getting out and running again after a period of extreme sluggishness. I have been disheartened recently by my feeling of being unfit and overweight, so am now on a mission to do something about it. Over the weekend we all went out for a lovely family run, Edward and I taking it in turns to push Hector in his running buggy, and the little fella shouting out: ‘Faster! Faster!’ before starting his usual chant of: ‘Playground! Playground!’

This accompanied run allowed me to test an IPhone accessory I was sent a while ago. It has been sitting on my desk while I waited for Edward to locate some headphones for his IPhone and to upload some music for me to listen to. Oh, and of course, I needed to be running! I don’t often run with music, feeling slightly vulnerable and also being accompanied by my head coach in the running buggy, so it was quite nice to have a distraction for a change. Thankfully, only the music was a distraction, with the armband staying firmly in place, the wide velcro strap fitting snuggly around my upper arm and not shifting one bit. The armband is made of neoprene, which means that your precious IPhone won’t drown in sweat and should be protected in a rain shower. There is a clear plastic window to access the screen and shift between tracks if necessary, but I didn’t need to do this on my short test run. If you are fortunate enough to have an IPhone and don’t have to beg your husband for a moment’s audience with the device of the moment, then get yourself over to the Mobile Fun website to bag yourself a cool new running accessory.

Back to running with my little chap. We headed out early this morning and ran around the parks, with Hector looking out for dogs all the way – he has made lots of doggie friends recently and we ended up walking with a group of dog-walkers last week because he was so taken with the ten or so bags of energy bounding around at our feet. After our run, we got ourselves ready and went on my bike – with child seat – for a ride along the canal and marshes. I think this is the first time I have taken Hector out on my bike without Edward, so it felt like an adventure. We have had the seat for about two years, but I feel so wobbly with the extra weight at the back and a bit nervous about the aggressive London drivers, that I usually avoid riding at all. After today’s ride I have changed my mind, it was a joy and we both got so much out of it that we will be going out again very soon.


One thought on “Everybody loves the sunshine

  1. Highway Kind says:

    I know what you mean about feeling unfit after a hard winter. Everytime I go out at the moment I just feel sluggish. Although I keep on telling myself not to worry and that things will get better – it still feels hard.

    However having a trainer telling you to go faster is a great way to go

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