Hornsey 10k (through thick and thin)

On Thursday I made an emergency appointment with the dentist about a partly emerged wisdom tooth, it was hurting and swollen and giving me a tough time. She prescribed some antibiotics and referred me to have it removed (thank goodness). Now these antibiotics really hit me hard, I started feeling nauseous and headachey then, yesterday, felt really rough. This morning I woke up feeling worse than ever and promptly threw up in the loo. I was a few hours away from running the Hornsey 10k, which I missed last year due to illness. I got on the phone to the wonderful NHS Direct to ask about stopping the tablets – the pharmacist was insistent that I finish the course – and the nurse said my symptoms sounded exactly like the side effects of taking this medicine, she wasn’t keen to tell me to stop taking them, but I decided that’s what I’ll do. I also decided to go ahead and run.

This was one of those runs where you simply don’t know what will happen, I had managed to keep down some bran flakes and tea, and hoped this would see me round. It’s a lovely race, really friendly and with a great sense of community. There were lots of things in Priory Park for Hector to do and there was lots of support along the way. Now running really is a middle class pursuit and it doesn’t get much more middle class than this! People were standing outside their beautiful houses, coffee in hand, cheering us on, children stood in bedroom windows to shout: ‘Go Mummy!’ and I even saw a girl in her dressing gown and slippers offering support.

I knew this was a hilly one, but somehow managed to deal with this two-lap challenge, finding the Alexandra Park bit windy and cold, but enjoyed the downhill bit past the farmer’s market (yes, I was tempted). Before I knew it, I was on the descent to the park and the finish line and felt a little surge of energy to get me there (where from?!). Edward and Hector were around somewhere but I couldn’t see them, H even had his whistle to blow! I crossed the line in 1 hour 2 minutes and 7 seconds, that’s an average pace of 10.10, not bad considering how I felt when I woke up this morning.

This is a great race for post-run goodies: you hand in your timing chip and get a nice t-shirt whilst sipping water and chomping a banana, then wander over the pick up your tea and doughnut from the lovely Dunn’s Bakery (I donated my doughnut to Hector and his friend, though H wasn’t that interested). Now the real ‘fun’ started! There were various bouncy things and climbing things around the park and Hector expressed an interest in a big bouncy slide, so I paid my £1.50 and he managed to get himself up to the top with the other giddy children…but then decided he wasn’t going to come down. I encouraged and cajoled from the bottom until it was time to get off, then asked if I could go up and retrieve him. I took off my shoes and socks, jumped on and promptly fell off again, there was a loud crack (which Edward heard from where he was standing) and my toenail bent right back. Urrghghghg! It sprung back into place but blood oozed out of the sides and top. I did manage to slide down with a bemused Hector and we hobbled over to the St John’s Ambulance people.

My toe is now firmly wrapped up and I daren’t look at the damage, but let’s just say my be-sandalled feet will not be a pretty sight this summer. Edward just said he wants the day to end, poor thing hadn’t counted on his Sunday being spent nursing me.


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