Run Free, Finsbury Parkrun

I managed to enlist a couple of eager running buddies for today’s Finsbury Parkrun. It was a special ‘Run Free’ event to try and encourage runners to bring first-timers and family and friends, with a picnic in the park afterwards. We got off to a dodgy start, with our ‘alarm clock’ oversleeping until 8am (this is unheard of, Hector always wakes early!). This meant a mad rush around, trying to get breakfast, get dressed and get out by 8.30 to get to Finsbury Park on time with the running buggy (it’s way too big to get on the bus). We did it and met up with all the other runners outside the cafe, just on time.

This was to be Hector’s first ever race, and he was rather excited and enjoyed the buzz of it all. On the way to the park, Edward was complaining about his aching joints and was all set to run with us, even maybe pushing the buggy but, as soon as we gathered alongside the other runners, he got all competitive and said: ‘Have a good race’ and left us for dust! I’m glad he did, because he is such a natural runner, he needs to have a challenge. I must say, it was harder doing this hilly course with Hector in tow, though he was a delight all the way round, asking questions, pointing things out and generally being a little sweetie, but chatting during a race is not easy! That hill was a toughie, and I found myself virtually going backwards, but I did it (twice) and soon we were on our way to the finish line.

I heard a familiar whistle and saw Edward, who had stormed ahead, finishing in 22.04, and he popped along to encourage us to the finish. I knew this wouldn’t be a fast one and really just wanted to involve all the family in something I enjoy so much. It worked, and Edward is all set to join us in Juneathon next week and might even train a bit to get a faster time in the future.

(we look a bit like a Lucozade promotion here)

After the race some of the more organised runners had very kindly been busy baking and shared their delicious cakes, unfortunately it started to drizzle a bit and take a turn for the chilly, so we had to exit early to warm up the little fella, but I do think we’ll be back for more soon.

Time: 32 minutes 7 seconds

Distance: 3.10 miles

Average Pace: 10.22

Best Pace: 7.05

Calories: 395

I did a bit of a run yesterday with Hector too, to Crouch End and back to get his hair cut.

Time: 50 minutes 45 seconds

Distance: 4.49 miles

Average Pace: 11.19

Calories: 489


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