Hello Juneathon, how lovely to see you again!

Here it is again, June 1st, time to commit to a month of activity. This will be Juneathon number 4. In year one I was just about to give birth, so a bit preoccupied, though still active with daily swims right up until the big day. In year two I tried to join in, but found it hard to fit in the training and the blogging whilst looking longingly into a small boy’s blue eyes then, last year I managed to go for it big time, running every day and blogging when I could manage it (I find that harder than the training bit!). This year I aim to run every day again and will try and blog each run, with photos.

I was so excited about Day 1, but my enthusiasm was dashed somewhat by the rain. I put on my running gear this morning, then stared out of the window every so often at the downpour that kept on pouring. Instead of Juneathoning, we did some rainy day activities.

After we’d got good and messy, had a bit of lunch and made a house behind the sofa the rain stopped. I looked hard at the sky for a bit and decided we should make a run for it. Action stations as I persuaded Hector that he really did want to go outside, and that we would pause along the way for some playground action. He insisted on wearing his all-in-one Togz waterproof, even though it’s stops at his knees these days; he wasn’t taking any chances!

The nice thing about running just after that rain is having the park to yourself. The rain did stay away briefly, then gradually got heavier and heavier until we were soaked through (well, I was) and decided to go headlong into the shower towards home. First of all, I stopped to capture these two kites that have become stuck in a tree. The one to the left has been there for months, but the other one is new. What is it about this tree?

Stats for Juneathon Day 1

Type of run: Pushing buggy

Time: 44 minutes 33 seconds

Distance: 4.20 miles

Average Pace: 10.37

Best Pace: 7.52

Calories: 493


5 thoughts on “Hello Juneathon, how lovely to see you again!

  1. travellinghopefully says:

    Oooh, the puddle splashing potential of those wellies! Re kites in trees, we bought a boomerang for my mum’s other half (who’s 65, going on 6) and the first time that he took it for a spin, he got it stuck in a tree. Lo and behold there was already another boomerang stuck in it.

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