Three miles for day three

I tried hard to persuade the little fella that we needed to go out running early to avoid the heat, but it was all about the bike, he really wanted to ride his bike. So I decided I would run with him, but very quickly realised this wasn’t going to work, what with all the stopping and starting and ‘Mummy, no, slow down!’s, so I sort of walk/jogged with him and resigned myself to the fact that we would have to come out again later. It was an eventful park trip, with a tractor (Claas), a tractor lawn mower (John Deere), some tree surgeons (or ‘tree virgins’ as Hector has been calling them), a digger, a dumper, a roller and the man who paints the white lines for the football pitches and the running track.

We have watched this man a few times now, and he has even offered Hector a go (he politely refused). The poor chap trundles along, making beautiful lines and as soon as he gets all the way round – it seems – a tractor comes along and mows away all his hard work. Today he completed running track number three.

After lunch we did go out again. The paddling pool now has water in it and we decided to go and have a dip. When we passed by this morning it was empty but, as we approached at a pace we could hear an almighty racket. We soon saw why there was so much noise as we turned to face a pool covered with screaming children. After pausing for a while, stunned, Hector got into his paddling gear and got busy with his watering can.

Now I don’t know who all these people were, or where they had come from, as I’ve never seen any of them before, but it was like a public information film warning of the dangers of obesity and skin cancer, I even saw one woman spraying herself with water, using a plant spray she had bought with her, then smothering her bikini clad body with baby oil! I thought people had come to their senses about that kind of thing years ago.

After a while, Hector started to turn a bit blue, so we wrapped up and headed off, pausing to look at this lovely swan family on the way.

Stats for Juneathon Day 3

Type of run: Pushing buggy

Time: 32 minutes 56 seconds

Distance: 3.01 miles

Average Pace: 10.56

Best Pace: 7.31

Calories: 332


4 thoughts on “Three miles for day three

  1. Adele says:

    I am lucky. It does take a bit of effort to motivate both of us out of the door, refreshing sometimes to just throw on my kit and run.

  2. travellinghopefully says:

    Hector can consider himself very honoured. My husband’s a groundsman and generally they’re grumpy buggers about who gets a go with the equipment.

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