Seven days, seven runs

Oh, how tired I felt today (we had a sleepless night with a coughing child). I was reading to Hector this afternoon and actually started falling asleep…he even corrected me! I decided to try and have a lie down, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen, with a small boy bouncing around on the bed and trying to prise my eyes open, so I decided to jump up and go for a run. No, I don’t know how I managed that either.

It was a three parks run, well two parks, with the first one being visited again on the way home to see if we could see this again:

We are keeping an eye on the progress of the new cafe in the park. This might not seem very exciting, but for us it will be truly wonderful: somewhere to go and sit on a cold or wet day, a bit of life in the park, loos…Today the workers were digging channels to put pipes in for the utilities, and we enjoyed watching the digger ‘changing its own scooper’.

On our return journey, my eye was caught by this tangle of pipes:

We were a bit disappointed to find the ‘digger men’ had gone home, but were delighted to find the digger parked around the corner for the night. I got close up and captured this while Hector touched the caterpillar wheel.

Stats for Juneathon Day 7

Type of run: Pushing a running buggy

Time: 32 minutes 20 seconds

Distance: 3.12 miles

Average Pace: 10.21

Best Pace: 7.44

Calories: 361

So, that’s Week 1 of Juneathon 2010 finished. I have really enjoyed it so far, of course, the fine weather has helped. I did fear I might have to do an evening run today, but I am trying to avoid those.

Stats for Week 1

Runs: 7

(5 pushing a running buggy, 2 without)

Total miles: 28.49


One thought on “Seven days, seven runs

  1. travellinghopefully says:

    Now that’s a warning sign! Brilliant mileage, but do you not get extra mileage credit for the buggy runs? There are two of you after all.

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