Crisis Square Mile 2010

Still as bonkers as last year.

It’s been an active sort of day: swimming this morning, dancing this afternoon then the Crisis Square Mile race this evening. Hector and I got ourselves down to Paternoster Square for 6.30 and promptly picked up my red t-shirt, which is pretty much exactly like the one from last year. We then wandered around trying to find some fellow running bloggers, but it was hard to spot individuals amongst all the red t-shirts, so we looked for Edward instead (always easy to spot, with all that height and all). After looking at a police motorbike for a bit, we spotted Edward then I was able to concentrate a bit harder on finding those pesky bloggers. My search was cut short when a chap with a crutch came over and said: ‘You must be Hector’. I was a bit freaked out for a moment, but soon realised we were amongst friends.

Here I am with Eatingtrees and Iliketocount. You may be wondering where Jogblog is, well she got a bout of shyness and hid behind a pillar. She was there, honest! We all did that geeky runner thing where you eye up each other’s Garmins and talk about how hard it is to get a signal and talk affectionately about how much you love your timing device then stare at it every so often and gently coax it to communicate with the stars. Then we went over and started running.

Well, I say running, but I really don’t know how I managed to break a sweat in that first km. We were walking down steps, walking along narrow paths, walking uder bridges and eventually trotting slightly then maybe walking again. This is what I mean about it being bonkers, a PB race it certainly isn’t! When I did get the chance to stretch my legs a bit I would run hard, carefully avoiding street furniture, cobbles, meandering pedestrians and, at one point, running headlong into a black cab. While I ran, this is what Hector and Edward got up to:

I did enjoy the race and it is simply an odd kind of event, with a mostly city/officey crowd and lots of teams of work colleagues encouraging each other on. I do think it must be a race where lots of people are talked into entering by their workmates then turn up on the day not having done a single run in training, so many people were walking (even when they could run for a bit). As I ran under the Millennium Footbridge I caught sight of Shaun with his camera in hand, so I gave him a wave before heading along the edge of the Thames to turn around and come back again.

Before we reached the opposite side of the river I was cut up by a woman too engrossed in her music to realise she almost tripped me up, and she kept on doing this all along the stretch leading up to Tate Modern. I really wanted to overtake her, but didn’t have it in me. Once I was on the bridge though, I really went for it and left her behind. My time doesn’t reflect my level of fitness and the effort I put in, but the stop/start nature of the run, I knew it would be a funny one and it was.

Stats for Juneathon Day 10 (edited on June 11th when I realised I had put ‘Day 9’)

Type of run: Race

Time: 41 minutes 11 seconds

Distance: 4.06 miles

Average Pace: 10.09

Best Pace: 6.23

Calories: 343

When I met up with Hector and Edward at the end, I found that they had been having a wonderful time without me, playing with a new toy:


6 thoughts on “Crisis Square Mile 2010

  1. eatingtrees says:

    It was great to meet you earlier. Sorry I lost you at the end. I finished about 3 mins before you so you must have finished whilst I was walking back to see if you’d finished yet!!! Hectors skateboard looks awesome…. he’ll be able to skateboard alongside you as you run in no time.

  2. Adele says:

    Ev – it was great, a night out for me!

    ET – It was indeed lovely to meet you! I ran past you at the end, you were with Shaun obviously just getting yourself together, so didn’t see me. I then got caught up in the finish line busyness, so didn’t come back over the bridge. I’m sure we’ll all get together at another race. I look forward to your post x

  3. iliketocount says:

    Couldn’t work out how you got past without a photo – thought I only turned away from the runners for a second! Typical. And the second photo of you waving got just an image of your hand! I blame stupid shutter lag, not my bimbling incompetence, of course. Good to see you.

  4. fitartist says:

    Shaun – I probably would have looked a bit rough on that finish line photo, I was almost ready to chuck! I know what you mean about the shutter thing, I often get post-event photos after the camera has decided to join in the fun.

    Lovely meeting you.

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