Football crazy football mad

It’s started. I think I’ve had enough already. A month of Edward glueing himself to the sports pages (more than usual) and listening to the likes of Alan bloody Shearer for their little pearls of footballing wisdom. At least he won’t be staring at his iPhone all the time, unless he wants lacerations on his finger tips that is.

Aaanyway, on a more exciting sporting note, I went for an evening Juneathon run. I just didn’t feel like putting on my running gear this morning, I wanted to wear something nice – and not sweaty – for a change. So we went to our usual Friday group, then had a lovely play in the park with Hector’s friend and I saved my run until Edward got home from work. The park is really busy in the evening, so many people out playing football, riding over the bumps in the freestyle area, plodding around the park…and watching football on their phones.

I had a request to pick up some beer on my way home, which felt totally wrong, standing in the queue in the corner shop clutching two big bottles of London’s finest ale (Fullers). It didn’t feel so wrong drinking it when I got back though.

Here are a couple of things I spotted out and about today.



Stats for Juneathon Day 11

Type of run: Solo run

Time: 29 minutes 57 seconds

Distance: 3.15 miles

Average Pace: 9.31

Best Pace: 5.30

Calories: 333


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