If you go down in the woods today

You might find one of these:

I’ve no idea what the digger was doing in this part of the park, seemingly shifting mud around but I couldn’t see why. This was taken on our morning walk/cycle, when the sun was shining, no chance of getting my camera out on this afternoon’s run. We waited and waited, not sure if it would rain or not and decided to just go for it at a point when the sun was blazing down and we had to reapply sunscreen.

As soon as we set of Hector fell asleep, thankfully, and the rain came down in sheets. I kept on going until I absolutely had to stop and wait under a tree, then ran a bit further and sheltered some more. In the end I just had to rush home, it wasn’t stopping (and still hasn’t actually). As we neared home, poor H woke up and asked where we were going. How odd it must be to wake up in the middle of a rain storm, flying along the pavement at top (well, my top) speed.

Stats for Juneathon Day 14

Type of run: Pushing a running buggy

Time: 28 minutes 55 seconds

Distance: 3.01 miles

Average Pace: 9.56

Best Pace: 8.04

Calories: 318

So that’s week 2 done and dusted.

Stats for Week 2

Runs: 7

(5 pushing a running buggy, 2 without)

Total miles: 23.28

So Juneathon so far:

Runs: 14

(10 pushing a running buggy, 4 without)

Total miles: 51.77


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