Long face Longford

The blackberries are coming!

Family gatherings are all well and good, but it does mean that a certain small boy is over-excited and over-stimulated and doesn’t go to sleep until 11.30…but still wakes at 6.55am. And the birds! Noisy little buggers. They were shouting and singing and chirrupping at 4.30: ‘Hey you! It’s 4.30! Yeeaahhh!! Cheep, cheep! Wake up!’ it was so bad that even Edward, who can sleep through pretty much anything, got up and closed the window. So, this morning, I was ever so slightly grumpy when I set off for my run.

I decided to head over to Longford Park, and weaved my way in and out of the Chorlton equivalent of myself, taking their little children to school on scooters and little bikes. At one point I approached a busy road and the lollypop lady started coming out to help me cross: ‘No!’ I thought ‘I am 38, I don’t need help across the road! Please no!’ but she did and I muttered a ‘thank you’ and carried on my way.

Longford Park is nice for a run, lots of possible loops, lots of grassy areas, so quite pleasant. I saw something Hector would have enjoyed (I always look out for ‘Hector things’ even when he’s not there), two park-keepers were whizzing around in one of those little trucks, one driving and the other leaning out with a litter picker and grabbing litter as they went, a bit like litter polo. So, I did a sort of big loop then a little loop and headed back towards the Hill House. The lollypop lady was waiting for me, she has to be the most eager and proud lollypop lady ever, brandishing her weapon of choice like an urban jouster. Now, I will have breakfast number two, kindly provided by Barbakan (mmmmm), then a day of more eating and drinking lies ahead.

Stats for Juneathon Day 18

Type of run: solo run

Time: 40 minutes 13 seconds

Distance: 4.29 miles

Average Pace: 9.237

Best Pace: 7.39

Calories: 453


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