Juneathon does weird things to your head. I know I went running yesterday, but it was early in the morning and today I decided to wait until we got back to London to do my run and it felt like ages. I kept having a mini-panic, thinking I hadn’t run yesterday. I even wake in the night and look forward to the next day’s run. I know, weird!

One reason I waited until this afternoon was that I was introduced to the joys of Just Dance on the Wii (by a seven-year old). Oh, it’s such amazing fun! Of course, Eloise was incredibly good at it and I lost during the first dance but, as I chose the next song myself, I won. It was, of course, Fame by Irene Cara. I went on to compete against Edward, who proved to be a hot mover, hips and everything. I had imagined I would ache after all that jigging about, but I was fine, it was nice to have a relaxed morning though and leave the running until much later.

I found the run hard this afternoon, it was a bit windy and it felt like the wind was whistling right into my lungs, wheeze, wheeze. I gritted my teeth and decided that a run up a very steep hill would help. It sort of did. The local park was busy, lots of men playing football, and a few runners, one of whom was so determined not to make eye contact he ended up looking like some kind of fast moving robot.

The rest of evening was spent enjoying yet more delicious food to celebrate Father’s Day. Hector and I made Lemon Posset and little shortbread hearts for pudding, but he could barely contain himself and kept whispering: ‘It’s a secret! Shhhhhh! Two things! Biscuits!’


Stats for Juneathon Day 20

Type of run: solo run

Time: 28 minutes 32 seconds

Distance: 3.12 miles

Average Pace: 9.08

Best Pace: 7.49

Calories: 303


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