Dig deep

That’s what Edward said at about 9.15 this evening as I was about to go out for my run. This is the first run of this Juneathon that I haven’t enjoyed, I’ve loved it all so far, even the one where I stood under a tree sheltering from torrential rain. I suppose I should feel chuffed that it’s taken me until run 24 to feel the strain. I had an appointment this afternoon and didn’t make it out before then due to the call of the paddling pool. On the bus on the way home, the driver lurched suddenly and I fell, banging my temple, my leg and the side of my hand, I was so shocked, I just sat there crying for a moment. I feel well and truly bruised! Then, due to pre-birthday excitement (there are days to go yet!), Hector didn’t go to sleep until 9pm, so it was a late one.

Edward very kindly let me borrow his new iPhone, giving it a loving look as he handed it over. I did feel slightly nervous running in the evening with such a coveted item glowing on my arm and, of course, very aware of its preciousness after the last one met its demise on the floor. I ran towards the park, and saw that it was still busy enough to run around so made my way in. A combination of poor air quality, humidity and tiredness caused my asthma to kick in and I felt like one of the characters in Hector’s Thomas the Tank Engine books, ‘wheeshing’ along the paths. In the short time I was out running it went dark, so I ran the last bit along the road, spotting yet more England flags – we broke all records today with a total of 107 flags, mostly Englad with some Brazil, Portugal and Ghana flags fluttering away on the vehicles of north London.

A house just around the corner from us.

The app I used on Edward’s iPhone was ‘Runtastic’, and my stats were:

Stats for Juneathon Day 24

Type of run: Solo

Time: 30 minutes 8 seconds

Distance: 3.11 miles

Average Pace: 9.41

Best Pace: Not known

Calories: 457


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