Let the baking begin!

The next few days are all about the boy. We took delivery of the food – and a bit of drink – for Hector’s third birthday party and now Edward is busy in the kitchen, making delicious smells waft through the house.

Today’s run was an errand run, trying to fit things in on this busy day. Hector has been given two little goldfish by one of his friends – shhhhhh, he doesn’t know, they are hiding out in our bedroom at the moment, going by the names of Gilbert and George for now – and I thought their tank needed some gravel so we went to a lovely little shop and stared for a while at the small creatures, and the smell of dog chews and rabbit food brought memories flooding back from my childhood (I think I am the most excited about the arrival of these tiny orange chaps). So, in the  middle of all this pre-party madness, we are still finding time to run and also cool down.

Stats for Juneathon Day 25

Type of run: Pushing a running buggy

Time: 30 minutes 36 seconds

Distance: 3.01 miles

Average Pace: 10.10

Best Pace: 2.17

Calories: 79

Hmmmm, so I seem to have got the Garmin 201 working again, but those last two stats are a bit out!


4 thoughts on “Let the baking begin!

  1. eatingtrees says:

    Happy Birthday to Hector. I like the names of the fish… I think you should try and get Hector to agree that those stay their names.
    When my friends wife was pregnant with male twins, he used to refer to the unborn pair as “Search” and “Destroy”

  2. Sheri says:

    Happy birthday planning! Fun but tiring… I took a week off work to prepare for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party in December, took me all day to make the cake alone! Great fun, though.

    But I think I would be saving those bottles of wine for the evening after the party…

  3. fitartist says:

    Deepa – and a happy birthday to you too! I take it you will be Juneathoning on the big day? 😉

    ET – Ha! The fishes will be unveiled later on, I think he will really like them. Lots to do in the meantime!

    Sheri – When i read this I thought we were a bit low key only taking two days to prepare, that must have been quite some party! When you’re three, the details are very important aren’t they? Thanks for the wine tip, we are looking forward to this evening!

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