You gotta fight for your right…

…to paaaaaartaaaaayyy!

Not much time to write this. I have focaccia to make, bunting to hang, toys to prepare, drinks to chill…mmmm, chilled drinks. It was a slow run this morning, Edward and I were up until all hours preparing for Hector’s party today. For Edward it was quite a challenge making a rather special cake for a rather special little chap. The heat doesn’t help: hot heads and hot icing: the cream cheese icing curdled at one point and Edward had to start again but outside this time, to get a bit of air around the dairy products. Here’s a very sneaky sneak preview:

Isn’t that colour crazy?! The heat also played havoc with my pastry and super Dad had to take a break from his cake construction to save me and my spinachio pies; I got there in the end:

So, it was a quick – but hot – one this morning, with H in the running buggy, counting England flags (17).

Stats for Juneathon Day 26

Type of run: Pushing a running buggy

Time: 30 minutes 38 seconds

Distance: 3.06 miles

Average Pace: 10.01

Best Pace: 8.19

Calories: 360

My Garmin seems to be back to normal now, I am glad, I’m so set in my ways, to adapt to something new would push me over the edge. See you after the party!


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