Wild swimming

Oh, to be back in Wales with all that fresh air, the coal fire and the fresh, fresh river. Hector actually said, as we were leaving: ‘Can we bring our house here?’ We had a lovely long anniversary weekend in Dolanog with friends in a very special house, full of interesting bits and bobs and the  most wonderful fire to snuggle up to whilst playing cards after a delicious roast lamb dinner. On Friday it was our fifth wedding anniversary and we celebrated by going for a ride on the Welshpool-Llanfair steam train. The train was just like Ivor the Engine, poop-poop! At one point a stag ran across the track and we looked to the side and saw wild strawberries growing amongst the hedgerow. On our return to the house, everyone else was raring to go out for a walk to the river. It was pretty cold, almost autumnal, in Wales but Edward sneaked his shorts on under his jeans before we left.

We have the Wild Swim book and Edward in particular likes to try out the recommendations…and anywhere else he finds along the way. We also had fun skimming stones, and Hector got quite into it after a bit of instruction.

In the morning, I had gone out for a run. Edouard recommended a run up a hill, which he reckoned was about five miles, but I didn’t have enough time due to the steam train ride, so just stuck to the winding roads. For the first mile or so I didn’t see a soul, then the two cars and a tractor that did pass had friendly drivers who waved at me! This run was the hilliest I have done in a long time, I was gasping and wheezing like the pistons on the train, but it was well worth it for the incredible views.

And the breakfast to refuel…

Time: 30 minutes 35 seconds

Distance: 3 miles

Average Pace: 10.12

Calories: 322

I had hoped to get out and do the big hill run on the Saturday, but Hector was struck down with a stomach bug, so I was on cuddle and comfort duties.

I did a Crouch End run this morning, which broke the three mile barrier I have been stuck behind recently. Thank goodness because I have a half-marathon in just a few weeks!

Time: 49 minutes 42 seconds

Distance: 4.68 miles

Average Pace: 10.37

Best Pace: 8.21

Calories: 544


One thought on “Wild swimming

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