To be expected

This always seems to happen ahead of a big/long/long-awaited or much-anticipated race: I have a shitty run that makes me doubt whether or not I can do it. I should expect this by now. On Friday evening, Edward phoned to say he was going to be late. Having already prepared dinner for Hector and sat with him as he ate, and chatted, and chatted some more, I really didn’t feel like making yet another meal (and I’m sick of pasta, please someone remove the stuff from our cupboards!) so I said ‘Can you bring something home?’ and he did. In front of me was the biggest mountain of fish, chips and mushy peas ever, and I ate it all.


On Saturday morning I needed to fit in a run before my parents-in-law landed in London for the weekend, so I set off with a six-miler in mind. Straight away I knew it wasn’t going to happen: my sides ached and I felt heavy and sluggish, the fish and chip stitch had well and truly found its groove under my left ribs. I almost gave up straight away, but something kept me heading towards Finsbury Park, then I took in another lap of the local park, not wanting to go further in case I couldn’t manage it. I stopped by a tree, which felt odd because I have been running so well recently, and did a half-hearted and pointless stretch and dig in the ribs thing, then continued around the curve towards home. I’d had enough and simply knew it wouldn’t get any better. It was good that I returned home when I did and got showered and dressed because I could then enjoy tea and a chat with my lovely friend who popped by unexpectedly.

Another niggle that  has been challenging me this week has been achy knees. I haven’t suffered from knee problems for such a long time now (since having Hector actually, but that’s another thing to explore another time), so this was pretty disheartening. This morning though, I think I might have worked out why this has happened. As the weather has changed slightly, I have slowly made the transition from my summer Birkenstocks to my winter Birkenstocks and I really think this has made my feet and knees feel a bit out of sorts. Today I wore some walking shoes instead and the knees felt fine. I think I will stick to these for the rest of the week and try to be best prepared for the Cardiff Half Marathon. I’m a bit excited now!

Time: 20 minutes 1 second

Distance: 2.02 miles

Average Pace: 9.53

Best Pace: 8.26

Calories: 211


2 thoughts on “To be expected

  1. eatingtrees says:

    I think this is quite a common phenomemon… I had a very similar thing before RPH – an absolute shocker of a run that made me question my abilities. You just have to put it out of your mind… you know you are capable of the Half Marathon distance so just get out there on the day, do your best and enjoy it.

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