Posted by: fitartist | December 13, 2010

Janathon is just days away really.

‘What’s Jamathon Mummy?’ asks Hector ‘It’s like Juneathon but in January – you run every day for a month and blog about it. Other Janathoners read your blog and make supportive and encouraging comments, and there are some fantastic prizes’. ‘No, Jamathon’ he stresses ‘I don’t know, what do you think it is?’ ‘It’s where you run and jump into lots of big jam puddles. You need special running boots, running wellingtons’.

This is the discussion I had with Hector over dinner just now. There’s no excuse, if a three-year-old gets the idea, then so can you, go and join up now! The prizes really are great, and the support is even better. Remind me to re-read this a couple of weeks into January when I am trying to find excuses.



  1. Jamathon sounds much more fun and can probably be achieved without getting quite as cold

  2. Exactly! I think Hector should be in charge of organising the next challenge. Though he is quite a tough task-master…

  3. I like the sound of Jamathon! Best wishes in your endeavours.

    Nat x

  4. How about eat jam sandwich everyday whilst running?

    Good luck with Janathon!

    Roll on 1st of Feb!


  5. Yes, I do believe a jam sandwich excellent for post-run refuelling 🙂

  6. Oh dear, I am feeling the peer pressure to get involved. I fear I will fail by day four, but I guess I should try…

  7. lots of puddles on my running routes. now that the snow has melted! Jam-On!

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