Posted by: fitartist | December 30, 2010

Birthday running

Just a little one to make sure everything is still working as I turn 38. I was woken after a – brief – lie-in by two excited boys with a pile of presents (lovely books to assist in my raised bed adventures and bird-spotting obsession) and a gorgeous homemade card featuring a tractor and a running shoe. Am I the only woman who receives birthday cards with tractors on? After being allowed a very quick look at my presents, I was swiftly ushered out of the house for a birthday run, so Edward and Hector could ‘do something secret’ in the kitchen (Hector now has flour all over his pyjamas, I can’t imagine what it is).

It’s been a while since I ran – we have been visiting family around the country for the past week, travelling on a total of ten trains, with a humongous amount of luggage (mainly Hector’s Christmas presents), long gone are the days of travelling light. I was just about allowed to sneak some knitting into the bag, so I knew I couldn’t get away with my running kit as well. Needless to say, this run was hard work. I had decided to put on a long-sleeved top with a short-sleeved top on top, which was totally unnecessary as it’s scorchio out there. So I sweated my way around a very muddy park – good practice for the upcoming Grim – and smiled a lot at the fact that I had made it out on my birthday again. Of course, my thoughts wandered throughout the run to Janathon, which is now only two days away. I am looking forward to having all that support to get me out there, and later we will go and buy some new running shoes and maybe a warm top or two to assist in my endeavours to keep going for a month.

In the meantime, I must eat a big breakfast and probably some *cake*, happy birthday to me 🙂

Time: 37 minutes 4 seconds

Distance: 3.31 miles

Average Pace: 11.11

Best Pace: 8.37

Calories: 332



  1. Well done. True motivation to get out there on your birthday. You’ve earned your slice of cake.

  2. I’m impressed… I’d have used my birthday as an excuse NOT to run… well done and Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday

    I can think of no finer way to start a day than presents, run, big breakfast. I hope the rest of the day is as good

  4. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your cake!

  5. Happy birthday! 11.11 — that is a lucky pace!

  6. What an exciting start to your birthday. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed by your run or your boys’ stealth baking. Happy birthday and see you in the Janathon :o)

  7. Thanks everyone, the day has been lovely so far…and the cake is yet to come! If it’s anywhere near as good as last year’s, I will be a very happy birthday girl.

    Emily, I hadn’t noticed the pace, hmmmm, we’ll see if this holds some kind of lucky power in Janathon, but I know from Juneathon experience that it takes more than luck 😉

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