Posted by: fitartist | January 3, 2011

Janathon Day 3: Put your back into it!

An early start, with Hector and me getting busy with the lovely little wooden thing I was given for my birthday by Edward’s brother Joe. It’s a tool for making pots out of newspaper, to plant seeds in, a real thing of beauty. We then enjoyed some breakfast and it was time for my run. I  gave the new shoes a rest as my heel is feeling slightly blistery and I don’t want to spoil my Janathon experience with the nastiness of blisters. I decided to go a different way today, exploring some other roads and a steep park. Off I headed towards Ladywell and Brockley cemeteries, wondering if it’s possible to run through them – I shall try on another day when I am feeling more cheeky. I passed by and up towards Crofton Park where I approached two people carrying something small, round and golden ceremoniously in their hands. As I got closer, I realised they were Scotch Eggs, with two neat bites taken out of them, an interesting morning snack.

Since we have moved house, I haven’t ventured over this way, but it was interesting to run along the roads where we had looked at houses, and contemplate our house and whether it’s the right one (it is). As I ran towards Honor Oak, I decided to head left and over to Blythe Hill Fields. It was a bright, clear morning and, as I puffed up to the top of the hill, I paused to put my hands on my hips and devour the incredible view of London, spreading out in front of me. Hills are worth the effort. Carrying on down towards Catford, I passed into the southern end of Ladywell Fields, through the mud and to home.

After a deliciously hot shower, I donned my warm gardening clothes and we all set to with some serious jobs. Yesterday we procured a pallet from the end of our road and Edward and Hector attempted to construct a compost bin:

I set about planting the hundreds of bulbs we were given for Christmas, and now have to keep the squirrels off them – any ideas?! We are also going to build some raised beds at the end of the garden, so we can grow our own veg, and had to start work on this area, which involved moving a very old lavender bush. The boys got lower and lower into the hole…

They did manage to get the roots out eventually, and I will keep my fingers crossed that it survives the move. Whilst accessing the roots, we found some concrete under the shingle, so the veg patch is going to require a bit more work before we can actually do any planting. My back aches! It was such a treat to get out into the garden after being indoors for so long, and the whole time I was out there, I had this little chap following my every move:

It’s back to normality tomorrow, so our hard work was rewarded with a pub lunch down the road with our friend Iain. What a fantastically sociable time we’ve had lately, things will seem very quiet tomorrow.

Janathon day 3:

Time: 36 minutes 50 seconds

Distance: 3.50 miles

Average Pace: 10.31

Best Pace: 7.32

Calories: 399




  1. great 3rd day, Hector has grown so much since juneathon

  2. It has been snowing on and off here all day so the lure of indoors won. Sounds like you have some nice runs at your new place,

  3. Love the way Robins follow you round when you garden, great pic!

  4. get a dog to eat the squirrels to save the bulbs? he could dig more holes for you too.

  5. LOve the photos and the compost bin is a great idea

  6. Michelle – he’s become a proper little boy lately, really growing fast, I can’t keep up!

    Susan – We had an attempt at some hail stones earlier, but they didn’t come to anything. Getting to know some new routes, it’s a bit odd having to think about it!

    Just Plod it – I was talking to him, he seemed so friendly and I’m sure he understood 😉

    Athena – I’d LOVE to have a dog, but Edward is allergic (so am I, but that wouldn’t stop me!).

    Paul – We’ve been eyeing up pallets around and about recently, and one appeared at the end of our road, so how could we resist?! I think we might need to find another though, it’s a bit small!

  7. What a busy day. I love your observations while you run – from stunning scenery descriptions to snack updates – fab!

  8. great running and blogging – making me feel guilty for negleting my garden too!

  9. I ran through the cemetery at Stoke Newington once, I wasn’t sure if it was an acceptable thing to do!

  10. I’m really enjoying reading about the goings on of other runners and this is a perfect example. Lovely pics. Lovely family activities. 🙂

  11. Awww the Robin is gorgeous!

    Let me know if you manage to run round the cemetary – I was wondering the same thing myself recently.

    Interestingly, I mapped out a very similar sounding route to try to the one you did – I should probably try it.

  12. Wish I could get a pic of a Robin up close. Not much chance of that in my garden, 5 cats prowling around tends to put the birdies off somewhat.
    Good luck with the running too.

    Oh, shoot the squirrels, you’re allowed to eat the little grey beggars.

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