Janathon Day 4: Press on

Edward just came home with a buckled bicycle wheel, obtained by bumping over a sunken manhole on his way home. The spokes are so loose, he almost managed to play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ on them. Needless to say, he was feeling rather sad, first day back at work too. He then directed me towards this website, suggesting that this could be our motto for 2011 (read down the page and continue to the bottom).

My day was slightly more delightful, consisting of some more of this:

Then some of this:

And then a bit of this:

But before all this jollity, I had to run. The alarm went off at 6.45 and I – sort of – leapt up and into my running gear. I am finding that the washing issue isn’t as problematic as during Juneathon, maybe because I don’t mind wearing odd combinations found festering at the bottom of my running pile, unconcerned about appearances, due to the dark nature of many of the runs. The one item I am short of though, is running bras, so I groped around in my underwear drawer and unearthed my Enell bra. Oh my, it does what it’s supposed to, with absolutely no jiggling, but it does offer an awful lot of upwards push. I took one sideways glance at myself and promptly changed into a still-slightly-damp-from-the-wash Shock Absorber. I know running can be tiring, but I really don’t think I need to stop and rest my chin on my bosom part way round.

It was dark, it was cold and I decided to challenge my lungs with a Hilly Fields run. With it being so gloomy, I kept to the outer edges, but couldn’t resist a path through and over to Adelaide Avenue. Helsbels mentioned earlier on Twitter that she is a little afraid of running in the dark, and I started to think about this. I spoke to my Mum this morning and, when I told her I had been out running before it was light, she said: ‘Oooh, be careful!’. I wondered if I would consider running the same route in the evening, and I decided I probably wouldn’t, but the morning is somehow different. I do think about my safety as I run, being aware of who is around me, never running with headphones (sorry Audiofuel!) and trying to keep to busy areas. My reasoning for it being ok to run through a dark park in the  morning is that the nutters, weirdos and slime-balls are probably still in bed at that time. Erm, not exactly a solid reason, but good enough for me.

Janathon day 4:

Time: 34 minutes 58 seconds

Distance: 3.18 miles

Average Pace: 11.01

Best Pace: 8.04

Calories: 390



10 thoughts on “Janathon Day 4: Press on

  1. jogblog says:

    I always reckoned the nutters were always in bed too in the morning. Although, I never went over the marshes very early but had no fear in my little local park or round the streets of E17.

  2. Adele says:

    Cathy – I often ran over the marshes early, it’s just gorgeous, and lots of cycle commute types and dog walkers. Not sure I’d do it in the dark though…

    Susan – I think this dip in the road has been there a while, wondering if Edward should approach the council about the cost of replacing his back wheel 😉

  3. Highway Kind says:

    You mean “I like Fruity Pebbles in 2% milk with a small spoon.” will be your motto for 2011?

    Mornings are different. There is something about watching the light of the day gradually rising and the people about tend to be about their business. Whether that makes it feel safer or not I have no idea.

    BTW that looks like a really exciting box to play in

  4. iliketocount says:

    See if the pothole has been reported on one of the websites that log such things but in the meantime, hammer it straight and tighten the spokes until they ping! And disc brakes are worth the expense if only for this – came back from France with a pair of pringles but they passd the frame so were fine until I replaced them!

  5. lilmisskaty says:

    Im so jealous that you have different routes to choose from! Being in the city centre and running before work we’re rather limited in our ‘time to run’ and therefore distances…I suppose if we didn’t do loops it would open it up a bit but I’m usually playing follow the leader as there’s no time to explore and no inclination to add miles (or even metres) to the route!

    Your pictures are adorable, so cute! Looks like ther perfect day to me! Good luck for day 5 🙂

  6. helenrox says:

    I think you’re right about running in the dark in the evening, although that seems to be the only time I run and I probably don’t choose the best route! Theres definitely less drunks about to heckle first thing in the morning and when two male joggers almost run right at me with their faces covered by scarves I probably wouldn’t get such a fright!

  7. Adele says:

    Shaun – thanks for the info, not quite Pringles, but dangerous enough for him to put it in for a service this morning, it does get a good daily bashing on the streets of London.

    Katy – I thought Cardiff had lots of good routes. I suppose the Taff Trail is not really an option in the dark, but great for longer weekend runs maybe.

    Helen – it’s the drunks that don’t make it out in the morning, though I have found the local winos to be quite friendly, shouting an encouraging ‘keep going’!

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