Janathon Day 7: Yesterday in reverse

As requested by Helsbels, here is a photo of my lovely new – if a bit tight around the calf region – wellies:

And here, you can see just why I need them in our local park:

It was absolutely tipping it down today, to the point where I started to get cabin fever. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to pick just the right moment to go out and managed about three hours exploring the park, splashing in and wading through puddles, squelching through mud and watching diggers (about 45 minutes were spent doing the latter). It was actually quite warm today and the sun came out to cheer us up a bit. The rain did mean my run was put back until this evening, and then pushed back even further when Edward sent a text saying he was running half an hour late. This running in the evening lark does put pressure on some valuable family time and makes dinner a rather rushed and frazzled affair. So as not to have to think too hard about it, I just decided to run the same route as last night, but in reverse.It was interesting doing it the other way, and I hadn’t realised that a big chunk would be spent running steadily up hill, but this seemed to make no difference as I ran the route a whole minute faster!

Something I have noticed about the residential side streets is the challenge of seeing what you’re stepping in or on: the lights are so much lower and mostly blocked out by parked cars, making tree roots, dog poo and puddles very hard to see. It’s amazing I stayed on my feet, but I did manage to soak my lovely new running shoes; they no longer have that bright and white ‘New Year’ look about them.

Janathon day 7:

Time: 31 minutes 54 seconds

Distance: 3.16 miles

Average Pace: 10.06

Best Pace: 8.00

Calories: 351


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