Posted by: fitartist | January 8, 2011

Janathon Day 8: Walking a tightrope

Not me, but this chap in Hilly Fields:

Needless to say, he got lots of attention, especially as he had set up shop right next to the playground. Edward and I were a bit British in our ‘appreciation’ of his efforts, chortling to ourselves each time he did a massive wobble and fell off. Though I did a very Welsh ‘Fair dos’  to redress the balance.

Before we witnessed this display of acrobatic mastery and circus skill, we did our annual ‘take the tree for a walk’. This might just be a London thing, but many of the parks have drop-off points for residents to take their Christmas tree when they have finished with it, and the park keepers then shred and compost them. This makes for some interesting sights as people walk happily along the road carrying their floppy trees, leaving a trail of pine needles along the way. I think we must live in a high wood-burning stove area, as many people were hacking branches off discarded trees and making off with the remaining trunks.

My run was done before all this fun, and before breakfast. Not my finest hour. I made it worse by taking a hilly and challenging route, heading right into the strong wind. Oh, how my thighs burned! Just a short one due to my complete lack of energy at that time on a Saturday morning, but I was relieved that the rain I lay listening to in the night (yes, I have this weird Janathon insomnia thing too) had stopped chucking itself down. Tomorrow I will try to run a bit further, I do have a marathon to train for after all!

Janathon day 8:

Time: 32 minutes 31 seconds

Distance: 3.01 miles

Average Pace: 10.48

Best Pace: 8.16

Calories: 337



  1. I always look forward to your posts – interesting, illustrated, pertinent! The last two nights, I’ve finally started sleeping a little better. what is that about?

  2. its kind of sad to think about those trees being shredded, great pictures though and you are into the second week of janathon,well done.

  3. The tree drop off points are a good idea, fair dos. 🙂 Walking around with a tree must draw quite a bit of attention too, needles to say.

  4. Running into a strong wind is dispiriting. You think you are weak because it such hard work because it is just the wind.

    Getting out before breakfast is always to be applauded

  5. Athena, thanks! Yes, hoping for some deeper sleep tonight, I’m not a great sleeper at the best of times.

    Michelle, it is less sad than seeing the trees dumped on the street or fading in people’s front gardens, at least this way they put their nutrients back into the ground and we will see the benefits in the local parks.

    Stephen, chuckle.

    HK, yes, the before breakfast thing is a hard one for me, I’d much rather have some porridge in my belly first and for my eyes to be able to adjust to contact lenses!

  6. Well done for choosing to do the hilly route instead of an easier option. Good luck for week 2 of the Janathon.

  7. Never less than 3 miles, I just wish!, but sleep is something I can do, unfortunately my desire to sleep can be quite antsocial!

  8. RIP trees, they really are going to a better place….

  9. I felt terribly sad running past where we bought our tree from, there were loads unsold and it felt such a waste. We did the trunk/branch separation – the trunk went to my mum’s woodburning stove and I have absolutely no idea where the branches are. Possibly still in a box somewhere in the house.

    I’ll not tell you what was the first word I thought of when I saw the tightrope chap. It was a rude word and far less generous than “fair dos”….

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