Janathon Day 10: Running wild

There was some chatter on Twitter (should that be ‘chitter’?) earlier between Highway Kind, Jogblog, Travelling Hopefully and myself about furry animals. HK has been enticing us over to his blog with pictures of lovely cows and sheep and, today, some little doggies, and then talk moved on to donkeys. I was about to set off on my run, but didn’t imagine I would see any wildlife in the dark to share with you here, how wrong I was! I had to get my run done quickly so we could eat and Edward could go to his dental appointment (at 8pm?!), so I just did the three-mile evening route I have done recently, so no need to think too much. I felt good once I’d got out of the door, my breathing was deep and strong and I felt like I was going fast (it’s amazing the tricks your mind can play with you). I weaved in and out of commuters, trudging heavily towards home, and enjoyed having a good old nosey into the lit-up living rooms of the houses I passed, and there are some nice ones around here, very cosy and inviting and lots of pianos as far as I can tell. One thing that does amaze me though is the size of some people’s TVs. Why do they feel the need to fill a whole wall with a television screen? It’s crazy, and positioned so high up as well. I wonder if this has had an impact on doctor’s surgeries, with people rolling up with neck strain from looking up all the time, or rather from trying to retreat a bit further from the overwhelming image in front of them. We used to live opposite someone who had managed to fill the whole of their bay window with a TV. Classy.

So, back to the wildlife. I ducked down a side street and suddenly a fox ran right in front of me. I think we were as surprised as each other to meet in this way. He paused in the road and I paused, hoping he would move out of the way of the oncoming traffic (he did), then we both continued on our way. I did get in a bit of a kerfuffle and had to go back a bit to take the right road, but I think he knew where he was going. I love foxes, even though they leave their stench in our garden and have chewed their way through various things accidentally left outside. Living in London I have seen lots, and have had them in my garden for years, but in all the time I lived in Wales, where I grew up, I didn’t see a single fox that wasn’t lying at the side of the road. City life can be a funny thing.

Earlier in the day, Hector and I whizzed out to the park, he on his bike, me plodding along, trying to keep up. It was bitterly cold, and particularly windy up on the hill, but that didn’t stop him wanting to stay out for hours, exploring the sandpit. It quickly became an archeological dig, as we began to uncover interesting items:

First of all, we found a dinosaur, which we reburied, marking the spot with an ‘X’. We then uncovered this rather fetching baseball cap:

…which we left where it was, and then we found a purple plectrum. All interesting and varied items to find hiding in the sandpit, I think we might go again, with our picks and brushes and see just what else is buried there.

Janathon day 10:

Time: 32 minutes 47 seconds

Distance: 3.21 miles

Average Pace: 10.13

Best Pace: 7.48

Calories: 348


8 thoughts on “Janathon Day 10: Running wild

  1. Hels says:

    I’m a Cornish girl and I never saw ‘live foxes’ just dead ones and then I moved here and they are everywhere!

    I love the thought of a sandbox dig!

  2. Highway Kind says:

    The weirdest fox sighting I had was one crossing the road at Vauxhall Cross – so much traffic, so many people.

    I am wondering if there are still some llamas near me. I will have to go and have a look

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