Janathon Day 11: Juneathon/Janathon

I got out early. On a Tuesday night, Edward plays five-a-side, and has done so for a few years now; it’s ‘his thing’. He comes home each week, bruised, sore and has usually been on the losing side (not sure how though, because they mix it up every week!), and he’s happy. This means Tuesday night is sacred, and I’m not going to get my run in on his return, so out I went as soon as (ahem) the alarm went off. One of the main problems I have in getting out in the morning is reaching my feet to tie my shoe laces, that’s how stiff my back is in the morning (that’s not good is it?), you will be pleased to hear, the untying on my return is far easier. So, I ventured into the dark, wet morning and weaved in and out of early commuters, many of whom shared their first cigarette smoke of the day with me – urgh – and wafted their over-sprayed aftershave/perfume my way, and one even did a stinky fart as I rushed by. Thanks people! I decided on a Hilly Fields route, taking in mostly roads, due to the darkness, then venturing in as it became lighter. As the name suggests, it is hilly.

I have been thinking about the differences between Janathon and Juneathon, and this inaugural Janathon really does feel quite different. I’m not entirely sure what it is, many things I suppose. It could be the vast number of people who have signed up, and all the excitement and chatter this has generated on Twitter. It could be the cosiness and huggability of it all, with lots of fellow runners offering pats on the back and support for just getting out there; it is so much harder in January than June! It could be that, in our house, June is such a sociable month, with Hector’s birthday being on the 29th, and all the family get-togethers and celebrations that this generates – I never particularly feel hungry in June, what with all the cake I ‘need’ to refuel after my runs. January is a month of health and vigour, darkness and austerity, far, far away from the relaxed sauntering of the summer. I think one of the main differences is the blogs. There are many, too many for me to follow and, to be honest, I tend to read just the ones I normally read with a few extra thrown in – I just can’t keep up with it all! There are some notable absences: former ‘winner’ of Juneathon, Eating  Trees, Hauling my Carcass, Sore Limbs, Seaside Strider and Sound Mind in a Sound Body (I’m sorry if I’ve missed anyone off here, I’m mentioning these because I have followed them all for such a long time). I’m sure these dedicated runners are following our progress, but I for one miss them (though I will have the pleasure of running Grim with Eating Trees and Hauling my Carcass at the weekend 🙂 )

Today, we drove the DLR, well Hector did on the way to Greenwich but, on the way back some thoughtless adults were sitting at the front, don’t they know those seats are reserved for children?! Hector made himself known and took up his rightful place at the front.

Janathon day 11:

Time: 33 minutes 30 seconds

Distance: 3.08 miles

Average Pace: 10.52

Best Pace: 7.37

Calories: 332


6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 11: Juneathon/Janathon

  1. kathryn says:

    I haven’t taken part in a Juneathon before, never even heard of it until I read about Janathon, so I can’t compare. But I also am enjoying the “event” – finding out what other people are doing, discovering a few new blogs and getting that support and accountability to get out there each day.

  2. Neil says:

    “So, I ventured into the dark, wet morning and weaved in and out of early commuters, many of whom shared their first cigarette smoke of the day with me – urgh – and wafted their over-sprayed aftershave/perfume my way, and one even did a stinky fart as I rushed by”.

    This sounds very familiar when I run in the mornings in Sheffield, I have to add to your list the smell of McDonalds, Train fumes and that dirty / musty old pub smell!

  3. lazybetty says:

    love yr descriptions of Juneathon, but challenging in different ways, so many more distractions in the summer even though the running is more pleasant! congrats on the early morning run, i have a few of those to do next week – the thought that so many others are doing it too is great motivation! btw i love sitting in the driving seat of the dlr too!

  4. warriorwoman says:

    I think I’ve found Jan-athon easier than June-athon.
    Maybe ts because I’m all marathon motivated and it suits my program very well.
    There are a vast quantity of blogs to follow though, every day I come home and have 400 or so unread. Aargh!

  5. fitartist says:

    HMC – Ah, I thought you were lurking somewhere 🙂

    Kathryn – It’s great isn’t it? There’s no way I’d do some of these runs without the thought of ‘the team’ at the back of my mind.

    Neil – Don’t you find these smells seem so much stronger when you’re running? It must be all the deep breathing, but the perfume really knocks me for six.

    Lazy B – Yes, I say I sit at the front of the DLR for the sake of a small boy, but really…Good luck with the morning runs.

    WW – I’m finding it the oddest marathon training I’ve ever done, but my breathing is super right now, like a proper fit person! Yes, there’s no way we could keep up with all these blogs AND do the running and blogging ourselves!

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