Janathon Day 12: Not furry animals

There have been lots of furry animals turning up on the blogs, with Travelling Hopefully putting in a specific request for furry animals to cheer her up. I can’t offer furry animals, but we did make some gingerbread animals today, does this count?

(the fox silhouette there looks just like the one that stood in my path on this evening’s run). We baked gingerbread people for our Christmas card, and Hector remembered this and asked if we could ice these ones as well. I really got into it and made a mini-me in full Janathon running gear:

I’m not sure if this counts towards my Janathon effort for today, but I have always been rather proud of my ability to construct flat-pack furniture with a confident air and a mastery of the Allen Key that would impress any Swede, but this afternoon we tried to build some storage for the toys. Well talk about challenging! I know these things take twice as long when you have a ‘helper’ playing games with the screws and climbing on your back to get a better view, but I was huffing and puffing and even broke a sweat! We did manage it in the end, but I might just get a plaque made to screw on the side and commemorate my achievement.

My run was a late one, making dinner and bed-time later, so not good on the family front. I did the three-mile loop in the up hill direction and felt good. This afternoon, Hector put his nose up against the window and contemplated the heavy rain: ‘You still need to do your run Mummy’. Thankfully, it had stopped by this evening and the air was warm, good for the old asthmatic lungs.

Janathon day 12:

Time: 31 minutes 44 seconds

Distance: 3.16 miles

Average Pace: 10.052

Best Pace: 8.04

Calories: 354

(woo-hoo I knocked ten seconds off the other day!)

It’s my brother’s birthday today, so happy birthday Stephen 🙂


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