Posted by: fitartist | January 14, 2011

Janathon Day 14: Getting muddy

So, tomorrow is going to be GRIM, so I wanted to get my run out of the way early and, as Edward was working from home, I was able to go at a far more respectable time and in daylight, yay! It’s so nice to go out after breakfast and when you can run through the parks instead of pounding the streets in a relentless do or die fashion. I saw a few runners, women mainly, who I think might have dropped off their children for a day of learning and then taken the opportunity to run home (this is how it looked anyway). I ran through the local park and squelched my way through the mud, ducking around one really big puddle and climbing a muddy bank in an attempt not to get my new shoes dirty, oh how I will be ridiculed tomorrow if I try the same thing during the race! Even though January has been a particularly wet month, I seem to have avoided actually running in much rain but today’s run was definitely a wet one, but I didn’t mind, things felt good and I was glad to get my run done and dusted with enough time to recover for tomorrow. I do find myself having momentary panics though when I do a morning run, then wonder the next day if I ran at all.

I will be leaving these at home tomorrow. It’s going to be a hectic weekend: off to Aldershot first thing, then the in-laws are arriving for the weekend just as we get back (will I get to shower off the mud first?!) and, just after they leave, my brother is coming to stay. Phew!

Janathon day 14:

Time: 32 minutes 23 seconds

Distance: 3.24 miles

Average Pace: 10.00

Best Pace: 7.06

Calories: 316



  1. you can’t possibly have been running in those shoes. they are too clean. hope your weekend is smooth and enjoyable!

  2. Good luck tomorrow. Enjoy!

  3. omigosh, everybody in your family has a birthday in January! Expensive! Good luck for tomorrow!

  4. Good luck, have fun!

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