Janathon Day 16: Not as fun as yesterday!

I knew this weekend would be a challenge to my Janathon effort, with family visits left, right and centre, so today’s run ended up being squeezed between the in-laws and my brother…and in the dark. Anyone who is the parent of a small child will know that sometimes they can be really, really clingy. Normally Hector is very laid back about me going out to run, happily playing with Edward and usually not noticing I’ve gone (though he does give me a lovely welcoming hug on my return), but this evening, he really didn’t want me to go. Instead of making all of our lives hell and making my running something to be resented, we all trundled out of the house, me running around the park and the boys playing in the ‘stunt area’ with the remote control car (I’m not sure if it has lights…). It was odd running around the park in the dark, I felt quite vulnerable, but also safe knowing that my big fella was just the other side of the grass, so on I plodded. Considering what I did yesterday, I felt surprisingly good, with just a few little aches around my ankle and knee, probably from the hills and from clenching everything in an attempt to not fall over. My breathing was good and strong, and I seem to have gone pretty fast.

Here is the view I was welcomed with when I got round to washing yesterday’s mud-splattered kit:


Janathon day 16:

Time: 31 minutes 42 seconds

Distance: 3.27 miles

Average Pace: 09.42

Best Pace: 7.21

Calories: 277



6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 16: Not as fun as yesterday!

  1. Kay Sexton says:

    Excellent effort. As for the kit, I’ve seen runners pick grubbier stuff up off the floor and wear it for another run (that would be runners called my OH, by the way …)

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