Posted by: fitartist | January 17, 2011

Janathon Day 17: Scone or Scone?

Fine fuel for a run, before, during or after – the scone. But is that ‘scone’ as in ‘one’ or ‘scone’ as in ‘tone’? I have always said ‘scone’ as in ‘one’, a short ‘o’, like ‘on’ and consider that the only way to say it. I cringe horribly when someone near me says ‘scone’ as in ‘tone’, really, why try to sound posh?! I raised this issue for debate over on Twitter this afternoon and it seems we really are divided about how it should be pronounced. Here is an image taken on our camping holiday in August, this one was taken in Devon, but we ate just as many cream teas in Cornwall, and had debates about which comes first, the jam or the clotted cream (but we will save that for another day).

We had Jogblog, Helsbels and Accountability defending the ‘tone’ camp, while I stood firm with Travelling Hopefully, Running for the Quiet and Tom Roper in the ‘one’ camp. I do think having Tom on side is a definite bonus, how can you argue with the man who shares his ‘tie of the day’?! So, what do you think?

This evening’s run was a switched-off, unengaged three-and-a-bit miles in the dark and crossing paths with Mr Fox again, we might soon start ‘high-fiving’ as we pass each other.

Janathon day 17:

Time: 32 minutes 41 seconds

Distance: 3.11 miles

Average Pace: 10.31

Best Pace: 7.34

Calories: 341



  1. I think your blog has made be hungry and I dont even like cream teas. Must admit its scone as in tone for me it that helps any but I am a southerner.

  2. But Shaz, it doesn’t seem to be a north/south thing, that’s the confusing issue!

  3. But Shaz, it doesn’t seem to be a north/south thing, that’s why it’s so odd!

  4. Never mind the running we are now on issues that cause real controversy (or should that be contro-versy?) . Sorry I missed the white heat of twitter debate. I was at the time watching The Kings Speech – which seems almost apt

  5. I switch depending who I am talking to, naturally I am a ‘on’ but am not uncomfortable doing an ‘one’. The only thing I know for sure it has been a long, long time sice I ate one!

  6. I would vote on scone as in ‘one’ and I’m a southerner.

  7. Scone as in tone, and I ain’t posh! 😉

    Well done on your run!

  8. It’s the age old debate isn’t it…I was firmly in the ‘tone/phone/bone/stone/hone/lone/’ camp due to this logic…

    c + on = con
    con + e = cone
    s + cone = scone (like tone)

    However, someone in the ‘one/gone/none’ camp then showed me this…. which rather left me both speechless and seriously disappointed with the Beeb…I always trusted them before, now I just don’t know what to think! 😛

  9. It’s scone as in ‘on’. Otherwise it wouldn’t be the fastest cake in the world! Second fastest has to be the merrrrrringue!

  10. I too am a very not posh suverner and I am in the tone camp… I agree with lilmisskaty as I did a phonetics module at uni and used it to justify various ways of saying things (over pints with my northern brethren). But now I’ve seen the beeb say it the northern way (as I have always thought of it), I just don’t know…Perhaps we should discuss it on the 12th over scones and tea!

  11. PS great run and well done on starting such a stimulating debate!

  12. We’ve not even touched on Scotland’s Stone of Destiny – the Stone of Scone

  13. Scone as in ‘on’ definitely (and it looks lovely!). Am off to look in the cupboards now as I want something sweet to eat. Well done on your run.

  14. Sorry for making some of you hungry! I sent a direct message to Stephen Fry on Twitter – he knows everything, surely?! – and he said ‘scone as in gone’, so there we go!

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