Janathon Day 18: Mardy Arse Alert!

Ooh, I’m so grumpy today. I really should have jumped out of bed when the alarm clock went off this morning, and done my run then, but I was feeling so tired and my brother was staying, so it seemed a bit rude. Of course, I haven’t made it out with the running buggy today so my run was put back until Edward returned from his five-a-side football. This time of night is not good for me to run, I have put Hector to bed and always feel well and truly sleepy after that and also in need of some relaxation time, and it’s very dark, very cold and I really should be just watching some rubbish before falling asleep. It didn’t help that Edward said: ‘Be careful!’ before I left (he never says that), so of course I felt a bit paranoid throughout my run.

Did I say I was grumpy? Today is a Janathon test I suppose. A late run during Juneathon is not so bad, you might even manage to run around a park, with it still being light and all, but tonight’s run was yet another saunter around the ‘Brockley Loop’. I have noticed the lack of variety in my Janathon runs, and I apologise for this. Juneathon is all about getting out there with the buggy, exploring new places, spending the day on the go, but Janathon is just about getting it done. Of course, the exception was Saturday, which was a muddy, sloshy, Janathon special, which I am now feeling in my legs (another excuse for my bad mood?) – my left knee is hurting good and proper and I have  a weird sciatica type pain in my left hip.

I’m sorry, I promise to be a better behaved and upbeat blogger tomorrow! Maybe I need another scone/scone debate to cheer me up. Can anyone guess what we made today?

Janathon day 18:

Time: 31 minutes 11 seconds

Distance: 3.22 miles

Average Pace: 9.42

Best Pace: 6.16

Calories: 349

(it seems that running scared makes for a faster pace!).


6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 18: Mardy Arse Alert!

  1. Highway Kind says:

    In the circumstances you did brilliantly to get out and deserve double points (or Ferrero Rocher).

    But be very careful with your Knee they can be very bad things to go wrong (says he speaking from bitter experience)

  2. Adele says:

    Shaz and Fairweather – you guys are good! Yup, I did think it looked very mushy pea when we were making it, but it’s lovely now. Happy boy played with it all afternoon.

    HK – thanks, I should get the knee checked. It has come on since we moved here and acquired stairs. I go up and down a lot in a day, and all the kneeling with Hector can’t be great.

  3. fortnightflo says:

    I looked at it and thought mushy peas – yum…then I saw the other comments *sigh* my first thoughts will always be food! Hope your grumps are gone tomorow and you enjoy your run.

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