Posted by: fitartist | January 21, 2011

Janathon Day 21: Contemporary! Contemporary!

This is so contemporary!* I think most people go to Tate Modern to enjoy an exhibition, some go to the book shop, some to look at the building. We go to run up and down the ramp:

And to enjoy the building work that is going on right now:

We went to meet Edward for lunch and froze whilst watching some machinery around Tate Modern, then excited our taste buds by trying cheese at Borough Market (where it turns out Tom Roper has also been today).

My run was at the crack of dawn. My – small blonde – alarm clock woke me early enough for there to be time to convince myself that it was a good idea to pull on my kit and go before breakfast. I haven’t kept up with the washing this week and I wore: three-quarter length tights, knee-length compression socks, the bra that creates a shelf-like illusion and should come with book-ends, a long-sleeve top with a big hole under the arm and my Crisis Square Mile t-shirt (to cover the big hole). I needed all this layerage, it was jolly cold. It was a swift ‘Brockley (and Crofton Park and Ladywell) Loop’ just to get my three miles in. It felt good to put my clean clothes on after a shower and know I didn’t have to think about  my run and didn’t have to get sweaty again.

Janathon day 21:

Time: 31 minutes 55 seconds

Distance: 3.19 miles

Average Pace: 10.01

Best Pace: 8.25

Calories: 333

*This refers to an installation by Tino Sehgal we saw/experienced in the German Pavillion at the Venice Biennale in 2005. We were quietly enjoying the work when the invigilators broke into song and dance, singing: ‘Contemporary, contemporary, this is so contemporary!’. That’s my sort of art work.



  1. washing running clothes is required only when running partners are downwind. by Friday, I’m recycling everything…..

  2. I like the idea of Hector being part of a junior Martin Creed.

    And I am always impressed by crack of dawn runs

  3. Indeed I had and came away with some Yarg and, overcome by Sussex patriotism, some Golden Cross, a lovely goat log, highly recommended

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