Janathon Day 24: Recovery

I dragged myself out of bed – a little bit after the alarm – and traipsed around Hilly Fields, noting each achy bit and enjoying a leg stretch after yesterday’s long run. The mornings seem a little lighter now, so it was good to run around the park and witness the energy of dogs, how I wish I could bound around like that at that hour. There is one particularly lovely Boxer who you see from a distance as a red flashing blur and, as you get closer, you can see its clever collar that allows you to see exactly where it is at any bouncy moment. I might get one of those myself.

Yesterday I mentioned how I had been feeling a bit Janathon Fatigued, and Iliketocount’s Shaun commented that he was surprised to hear I was ‘thinking of sacking off Brighton’, but there’s more to it than an achy knee and a bit of tiredness – yesterday’s run reminded me that I can run far, and I even had that wonderful feeling of wanting to carry on, and on. I have just been concerned and preoccupied with how much marathon training impacts on family weekend time, and this week Hector starts nursery for the first time, a big change in our lives. I have been very anxious about this, but unable to show it in case I pass on my fears to him, but today we went for a one hour visit, and he didn’t want to leave, so maybe the transition won’t be so difficult. We have spent the past three and a half years together, so we will both feel a little lost at first, and I am really valuing the time we have together. I do have to remind myself though, that running is good for all of us, even if I do spend a lot of Sunday pounding the paths, and to run Brighton will be an achievement I need right now.

Janathon day 24:

Time: 33 minutes 6 seconds

Distance: 3.12 miles

Average Pace: 10.37

Best Pace: 7.43

Calories: 322


9 thoughts on “Janathon Day 24: Recovery

  1. shazruns says:

    I started running when my daughter was 2 and did my first marathon when she was 3, the running did take me away from her, but we both needed this as I was home all day with her and she was very clingy. It did her the power of good, now at 9 years she is very independant and confident little girl. I am so glad Hector liked his nursery visit, it wll be an adjustment but sounds like it will go smoothly judging by todays visit.

  2. travellinghopefully says:

    My bottom lip just had a little tremble at that photo! I’m sure he’ll love it – I can’t imagine how hard it will be for you though.

  3. stephenamp says:

    Keep it up – we all feel a bit tired now and then (I get huge highs and lows during every single run) and you’re right that Brighton will be a huge achievement. Just remember that every single activity is an achievable one – it’s all counting towards the end goal but on the day you only have to do that one run.

    Oh and your photo today reminded me of this great blog I stumbled upon a while ago. http://runningfromcamera.blogspot.com/

  4. There'sasixpackunderhere says:

    Adele, both you and Hector will make this next transition and move on and grow. I have watched my son go away to boarding to school, go to Uni and go to live in the States, and yet the unique bond between us never breaks, it just changes, and remember he will be running with you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. fitartist says:

    Thank you all for your encouragement and anecdotal evidence of coming through the other side, it’s one of those things you can’t really imagine until you are in the midst of it. One thing that carries me through is knowing how bossy he is, he’ll have everything organised in no time, I just hope the other children don’t mind!

    Stephen, that blog is really lovely! This is the sort of thing I venture into in my other life as an artist. I like the way each image could trigger a story, an adventure.

  6. Highway Kind says:

    The great thing is that you have a secure boy who will be able to cope with change. But dropping him off and waving him goodbye will be a difficult wrench because no matter how much you tell yourself he has entered an exciting new stage you will be constantly wondering how it is going.

    Then you settle into a new routine

    The great thing is that you have already given him the love, care and attention to give him the basis for becoming a proper realised person. So give yourself a gold star for stage one and prepare yourself for the next phase.

    The one thing I know is that no matter how old your children are – there is always a next phase.

    As for your running – you have no worries. It is as firmly established as part of who you are. All that will happen is that it will wax and wane in intensity according to other things happening and your internal need at any particular time

  7. Mairead White says:

    It’s a beautiful picture in the post, but all of your posts are just snapshots of what a wonderful relationship you have built with him. I guess now the picture is just changing.

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