Janathon Day 28: In Contrast

Yesterday was officially named ‘Tigger Day’ by There’s a Six Pack Under Here, what with all our fast/happy/energetic/enthused running and a general feeling of loved-upness, but today was, in contrast, an Eeyore Day. I managed to get my run in at about the same time, I enlisted the help of Florence and her friends and I ran the same route, but it was so different! It’s pretty damn fresh out there and the sharp air caught my chest straight away so I felt like my lungs were being squeezed for the rest of the run, not a pleasant feeling (I should take my inhaler before I set out really). I didn’t sleep so well last night (not that unusual, but it was a crap night) and today was the first proper day of nursery.

It went well in some ways, and not in others. The idea was that I would leave at some point, but this wasn’t really happening so I ended up staying for the whole session. On Monday I need to make a break, which I am not looking forward to. I don’t want to go on about it, but it’s such a big thing in my life right now (our lives). I found it hard to speak to any of the nursery staff because I was afraid of bursting into tears, I’m sure I must seem like a bit of a clingy, neurotic mum, but it’s a leap into the unknown for both of us.


Can I show you something that really did make me laugh? Yesterday my copy of Runner’s World went thud onto the doormat, and I sifted through the peripheral gumph to find a copy of the Sheactive catalogue (I wonder if they adjust this for male readers, and enclose ‘Heactive’ for men?). Apparently you will ‘stop traffic’ in these running tights, and you can see why here. What on earth?! They look like laddered tights! I couldn’t help wondering how they would look on someone more meaty than the woman modelling them… And on that note, I will draw your attention to the woman on the cover who, once again, is a slim, beautiful model type who might not actually be a runner. On the cover of a running magazine. This has been raised recently over on Sound Mind in a Sound Body, and also on the Shaz Runs blog today, and it seems to brought up every month on the Runner’s World forums, so why do they continue to have these fake ‘runners’ gracing their covers? It might be slightly more realistic if they were at least in a scene that reflects the season – a bit of mud please! There are so many running ‘heroes’ that inspire us and we aspire to emulate, so why not feature them? I do enjoy reading Runner’s World but, if I want to go back to a particular article, I find it hard to work out where to look because each cover looks the same. Come on, we want some real-life runners!

Janathon day 28:

Time: 31 minutes 34 seconds

Distance: 3.12 miles

Average Pace: 10.08

Best Pace: 7.54

Calories: 323



6 thoughts on “Janathon Day 28: In Contrast

  1. travellinghopefully says:

    Good lord those tights are hideous. I’d look like I’d fallen through a hedge if I wore those…

    Sorry, what I meant to say was the cover star of Runner’s World is just what I look like on a 6am run in the depth of winter. It’s a spitting image.*

    *this may be a total lie.

  2. There'sasixpackunderhere says:

    Um did omit to say in my response to your post the other day, that at every significant milestone in my son’s 24 years of existence I have bawled my eyes out…nowadays he has a tissue ready for me πŸ™‚
    PS Eeyeore was always my favourite

  3. fitartist says:

    TH- Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

    Six Pack – Yes, I love Eeyore too. Can you believe I actually left the house without tissues? I found my mittens very useful.

    I forgot to say in this post, that I find the photos in the ‘Rave Run’ bit of Runner’s World far more inspiring than anything on the cover.

  4. shazruns says:

    God so with you on all of your blog. Remember the nursery stage so well, and yes have already moaned twice not on blog about RW cover. Womens running is a great mag and girl on cover although glamorous (as I am sure we all are) she is atleast fully clothed with no midriff on show. Best wishes for Monday

  5. jogblog says:

    Maybe those tights are to encourage punks/goths/emos to get out running? No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay would I, when I was a goth, have been seen dead in the chav gear we have to wear, even if I had wanted to go running (which obviously I wouldn’t have as it would have ruined my backcombed to the sky high hair and black make-up).

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